The United States in the year 2021 there are cemeteries where black people are not allowed to be buried

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Sep 26, 2011
Sounds like intra-family warfare rather than the guberment making a "system" to keep it down.

Also, money and prestige talks. Cop+lost money from a sale. They changed the rule fast.

Racism? yes. Systemic? The word would lose its meaning if THIS is systemic.
I believe the argument is that when in the year 2021, contracts are still out there and people willfully enforce them that is a sign of a society tainted by systemic racism.

The ability to reach an wider audience and share examples of systemic racism as shown in this incident is only a recent thing made possible by social media and internet tubes.

At least thats what it says in the manual


Feb 6, 2002
Nope, I was just wondering where the lines were drawn. I was in Mississippi a couple years back looking around to see if it was a place I might want to retire. We drove past a lovely little cemetery and I said "there's even a nice place for me to be buried". The person showing me around told me it was a black cemetery, no whites allowed. Her ready answer and complete lack of any sort of emotional context was a little surprising. Apparently, segregation in death was perfectly acceptable.
Most of my curiosity revolves around segregation as opposed to racism. People seem to segregate naturally. Right here in my little town of 70k there are areas that are clearly defined by race. white, black, Hispanic, Asian, each has a surprisingly well defined area. There is of course some blending, but the lines are still pretty clear.
Is it racism if it's voluntary? Or is it just that people want to hang around other people that look like them? Is it simply a lack of exposure to other races and a little bit of hind brain fear of anything different?
Interesting stuff, but I sometimes forget that it can't be discussed here.
Bit of a difference between a Catholic cemetery vs one that doesn't allow spooks like me wouldn't ya say? I also have doubts about the veracity of your post considering most people when seeing a cemetery their first thought is "I would love to be dead and buried here." What is the name of that cemetery? I want to read their story.


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Nov 17, 2019
Even if you think it was worded wrong, or are looking at a poster's history, it wasn't really an off topic question.

Why can any cemetery refuse to allow interment of anyone based on race, creed, color or religion, if they have the money to buy the plot?

Some have rules and restrictions that would be valid. National Military cemeteries for example.

Some community or municipal run cemeteries limit to residents of the community.

I'm not sure any others should.


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Sep 26, 2011
I guess the reason this story interested me is because I still remember the old "Blacks simply don't play golf" line back in the 90's.
"It was just as I thought," Abraham Woods would say a few years later . "They had a gun to their head. Once you remove the gun, they do nothing."

Column: Shoal Creek still landmark for sports civil rights (

"We have the right to associate or not to associate with whomever we choose. The country club is our home and we pick and choose who we want. I think we've said that we don't discriminate in every other area except the blacks."