The School bookstore can rot in h_ll


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Nov 23, 2001
It's supposedly a non-profit organization. From what I know, the proceedings is donated to a profit corporation called the school it sits in.

For some reason, they complained about dining center convenience store selling school logoed goods and successully banned them from selling. hmmm non profit, yet so concerned about groups within school selling goods with school logo?

The text books are absurdly expensive and return policy freaking suck.

screw the bookstore. I rather pay 25-50% your price including shipping on
I'm buying majority of my books online and I'll encorage random people and friends to do the same. Some, I'll buy at Wal-Mart(like a novel they use in English class), then I'll only buy at the bookstore if absolutely necessary.


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Jan 22, 2000
Liitle-known fact:

A lot of universitys' bookstores (for instance, the one that employs me - the institute, not the bookstore) donate percentages of their gross back for student activites. If nobody shopped there, activities would either have to be cut back or fees would have to increase.


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Aug 31, 2001
yea our book store sucks also. i just go in and write down all the info for teh books i need and then get them online. this year while i was doing it a lady asked me if i needed help I said NO im getting teh info so i can get them online for less. SHE ACTUALLY GOT MAD AT ME and started lectureing me about why that was wrong adn that i shouldent do that. well me being me yelled right back. saying i saved over 250$ last semester doing that and she wasent gonna stop me. she started b!tching again and i just walked away


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Nov 4, 2002
I never pay retail for books.... ever. I just buy them from other people selling them. I've save a ton of money doing this. (And actually made a little money here and there!)