The "Real" Iraq


Jan 28, 2000
My brother just got back from Iraq on Sunday. He's spent 10 of the last 12 months in the middle east, mostly in Kuwait and in Iraq for the entire conflict. His unit saw very heavy combat action, even having lost two of their own to enemy action. I sat down with him today to talk about it all over lunch. Needless to say, shame on our media. They stated that their coverage would be "unprecedented" and that we would see war like we've never seen it before. I knew when they said it I didn't believe them, I believe them even less now.

When asked about the people if Iraq, he said that virtually all of them were overjoyed to see us over there. When pressed for their feelings, most said that what we've done was both good and bad for them. One man he spoke to was a helicopter pilot in the Iraqi Army who spoke good english. He said that their military didn't want to fight us and that most of them went home the nearer we got to them. His largest problem with the entire thing was the uncertainty of what's next. The man was worried about his job, now long gone with the Iraqi military being disbanded and rebuilt. The uncertainty of who might lead the nation next. In some ways, he said, Saddam was not so bad because at least you knew what to expect day to day. He said overall, he's waiting to see what will happen.

Back to the media coverage aspect. Throughout the entire conflict, I did a pretty good job of reading various news agency's reporting, including web sites from the middle east. There was a stark contrast between what we were being forcefed here and what the rest of the world saw. He said they had a couple of French reporters embedded with them but he couldn't remember their names. I'd be interested to see what they had to say or what their government even let them release, but alas, most of the reporting had been sanitized and "popularized" for American consumption.

As I hear more stories from him, I will tell more. I think it's important to finally hear the entire truth about the whole affair over there and no reporter is going to tell it the way it really was.

BTW, as an infantry soldier, he thought the entire Jessica Lynch thing was bullshit. Of course, he's biased toward women in the military anyway. What was even more appalling to him was the fact that virtually all of their weapons failed to function properly at some point, a sure sign of poor training and poor weapon maintenance.


Oct 9, 1999
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