The President says "Nobody likes me"


Mar 17, 2008
You know, its pretty easy to deduce whats going on. Take notice of the "I'd like to show you a graph" part.
I am certain that aides actually showed him a graph showing the US all the way up there with testing, the best in the world, and the rest all the way down there with less testing.
I am also certain that aides didnt show him a graph showing tests per capita which is the only meaningful metric in this context.
I am certain as well that this data is shown to him because he has surrounded himself with yes-men, yes-men that delivers what they think the boss WANTS to see, not actual reality. So these yes-men warps reality before presenting it to the boss and when the boss then is forced face to face with reality, boss dont understand what the fuck is going on.
I am 99.99% that his is what is going on here.
Also, the Russian bounties was probably the last page in the brief and at that specific time no-one called it out to his face - well knowing that he would never read it, thus giving the staff some level of plausible deniability on the Putin-fluffing aspect of the Trump admin.
Its a disaster.


Jul 15, 2000
He was openly puzzled the other day when he said Dr Fauci gets better "ratings" than him, it's clear
he thinks it's a TV show and Fauci is the competition, Jesus this is just a horrible, horrible idea to vote an
asshole like this for POTUS.
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Aug 16, 2012
Trump refuses to see who the problem figure is in his administration. Even when he bottoms out, it’s “people don’t like me” not “I’m doing a terrible job”. He’s absolutely convinced he’s great. The worst he can think of himself is that other people just don’t understand his greatness. So if there are problems, it must be due to somebody else who’s interfering with his greatness. He's used to just firing that person, removing the obstacle and everything will be great.

I think we’re seeing this in Trump’s response to Covid19. He just keeps thinking this isn’t supposed to be happening to his Presidency. His Presidency is supposed to be perfectly great. In his mind, Covid19 should just go away.