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The Philadelphia beating

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Jan 29, 2000
Now you are starting to get the picture! The 3 officers transfered? Look at the picture of the "plain clothes officers" administering the beating. Was this a race isssue? Me thinks not.Me thinks adrenelin and a lack of profesionalism.I don't want a cop like that in my face ever.That could intice me to become a criminal.

They walked the perp into the hospital.He had 5 gunshot wounds and the hell kicked out of him with 41 hits to his body after he had been shot. If his civil rights and his right to due process wasn't violated in this clusterf32ck of an arrest,then there is no civil rights.i hope the perp is prosecuted severly for his crime.
I also hope he wins a civil suit for violation of his civil and constitutional rights.

At the bottom of this msnbc article is reference to the corruption isssues of the philly P.D. I guess they didn't do to good of a job cleaning up there act. Nice atmosphere for Reublican Convention goers.


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May 27, 2000
Let me just say this, as someone who has been shot by a perp one time, trust me when the survival instinct of &quot;FIGHT OR FLIGHT&quot; kicks in, and you have a type A personality as many cops do, the FIGHT takes over. It is very hard to control basic instinct once it kicks in fueld by adrenalin, and others rushing into the fray.


Apr 10, 2000
Actually NoPity, they did shoot the guy, 5 times. Too bad they didn't hit him in more vital places.
I'd also like to point out the fact that if this guy were white and all the police officers were black, no one would call it a race issue even if it really were.