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Discussion The Patient Gamer: Transistor


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Nov 16, 2006
Ok, so I just completed a run through of Transistor.

What a weird, wonderful game.

As far as gameplay, the turnbased combat and ability combinations were fantastic, although the game does not feel like it gives you enough room to really play around with all the possibilities in one playthrough (While I appreciated that enemy encounters were generally forgiving toward any ability combination, it also resulted in the tried and true cheese and spam gameplay).

The graphics were solid, with absolutely gorgeous art direction and stylistic choices even if the game isn't a technical powerhouse. In what is now typical Supergiant style, the game has a clean and colorful animated style that echos Bastion while also being completely different.

And the story. The game is deliberately vague and there are a number of competing theories floating around out there, but I found the whole thing to be a really enjoyable experience. The game takes a bit of a JJ Abrams "mystery box" approach to story telling, but has the good sense never to open the box and leave something to the imagination. The story is fundamentally about the love of two people, but is layered and told in such a way that it feels like much more.

All said and told, Steam claims the game took me 8 hours to beat (in numerous 30 minute sessions, which the game lends itself to, if you're curious) and I suppose I can double the game time by playing NG+, which as far as I understand it exists for achievement hunting purposes.

As with Bastion, I am conflicted in my total enjoyment of the game. On one hand, I really appreciate the short, focused, narrative driven nature of the game and the clean and uncomplicated mechanics of the gameplay. On the other, there is this incredible world and some unexplained mystery that is left to the player to piece together in what feels like a small ( and enjoyable) but not fully satisfying slice of game.

I know its not Supergiant's thing (maybe with Hades?) but it would be nice to see them put together a "Feature length" version of one of their own games.


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Jul 18, 2000
This got me to look more into this game (I don't recall having heard of it before). I noticed it was on sale on Steam currently ($3.99). I figured I'd check isthereanydeal to see if I might have possibly gotten it during a Humble Bundle a while ago and forgotten about it, and I see that it was free at the Epic store a while ago. I checked my Epic account and sure enough, I must have claimed it when it was free and don't even remember doing so.