Discussion The Patient Gamer - Titanfall 2 - Better Than Most, Not As Good As Some


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Nov 16, 2006
Ok so if you've spent any time on the internet over the last 4-5 years you're probably familiar at least somewhat with Titanfall 2, the "Protect the Pilot" memes, and the general consensus that the campaign is like the best thing ever since sliced bread.

It's alright.

Actually, I'd say its frustrating. Titanfall 2 had all the gameplay ingredients to have been as big a hit in 2016 as Doom. Great core mechanic of wall running while a pilot, great hook with the giant mechs, and devs that clearly knew how to make interesting levels. But just as any single element was just starting to get interesting, the game would transition to the next level, then the next.

The story is pretty Sci-fi standard and even has a kind of nod back to the Battletech universe of inner sphere vs outer sphere, colonials vs imperialist trappings. You're a grunt that finds himself in the position to pilot a mech, which itself has that sort of funny haha I'm a robot I-take-things-too-literally-or-do-I personality, are are pulled into a sort of semi-mystery/conspiracy. Its enough to keep you going forward but it ain't Shakespeare.

As i played the game it was sort of weird, like I felt I'd seen some of the tricks before, like the time travel level and to a slightly different extent the modular habitat level (Crack in the Slab and Clockwork Mansion in Dishonored 2).

My understanding is that the Titanfall 2 MP servers were taken offline after a bunch of DDOS attacks against them and never brought online again. There is a mod call "Northstar" that tricks the game into accessing an alternate private server list, but I didn't try that at all.

There really isn't much more to say about the game. The graphics are great, the gunplay is solid, piloting a titan is a blast, the level design is frustratingly close to greatness, the story is there, and the campaign was six hours long. It ran like butter on my sig rig at 1440P.

Worth checking out for $5 if you want a fun, bright, movement focused FPS.