Discussion The Patient Gamer - Darksiders 2 - An 8/10 Sequel


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Nov 16, 2006
When I played Darksiders 1, I was conflicted. It was a strange experience. The game was perfectly serviceable, all the parts fit together, some amount of passion clearly went into the project... it just didn't feel like it gelled. There were some major QOL issues, the game had some functions that were just a bit too precious for my tastes (I appreciate wanting to make fast travel fit into the world thematically, but I also wanted a fast travel system that didn't absolutely suck too). I called it the classic 7/10 game. All the individual elements were there, the craftsmanship was there, it was missing that X factor.

Enter Darksiders 2, the consummate sequel.

You're Death, the brother of the protagonist of the first game, War. Set slightly prior to the events of the first game where the apocalypse has inadvertently been triggered before the third kingdom, mankind, was advanced enough to determine its outcome. Humanity has gone extinct, heaven and hell are at war, and its up to Death of all people to resurrect humanity and absolve his brother of his crimes.

Darksiders 2 improves on its predecessor in almost every conceivable way. Combat is tuned-up and feels faster, lighter, and far more responsive without what feels like all the uninterruptible animations of the first. The game design has borrowed heavily from ARPGs (think Diablo) by implementing a stat driven loot based item system that introduces some much needed interest to the inventory screen. Level design is tied tightly into the set ability upgrades, with each "world" having a number of side dungeons accessible only after the appropriate upgrades are acquired. Fast travel just means visit a destination once, its marked on your map, then travel to it from just about anywhere just about any time.

Unlike War who had all the charisma of a lead brick, Death as a protagonist seems to actually have a personality. He's a bit of an edgelord, but c'mon he's Death he gets to be a sassy edgy boi.

Graphics are solid, story is fun and engaging, production values are fantastic, characters are interesting with the trademark "not all demons are monsters, not all angels are beyond corruption" panache.

Game ran excellently on my sig rig as well as my GTX 1050 laptop. If you liked the first game, you will have no choice but to like its sequel.

Lastly, I must say that Lilith was way ahead of Lady Dimitrescu on the "Step on me mama" chic.