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Nov 16, 2006
I was going to type up a whole review about how much fun Broforce is, how its this incredibly simple 2D side-scroller shoot em up with a great sense of humor, lots of action movie star callbacks and references, destructible environments, quick and easy drop in and drop out gameplay with quick 3-5 minute levels, etc etc... and maybe I will comeback and do a full write up at some point.

But right now, all I am moved to do is to post the lyrics to the National Anthem of the United States of 'Murica:


America, **** YEAH!

Coming again, to save the mother ****ing day yeah,
America, **** YEAH!

Freedom is the only way yeah,
Terrorists your game is through cause now you have to answer too,
America, **** YEAH!

So lick my butt, and suck on my balls,
America, **** YEAH!
What you going to do when we come for you now,
it’s the dream that we all share; it’s the hope for tomorrow

**** YEAH!

McDonalds, **** YEAH!
Wal-Mart, **** YEAH!
The Gap, **** YEAH!
Baseball, **** YEAH!
NFL, **** YEAH!
Rock and roll, **** YEAH!
The Internet, **** YEAH!
Slavery, **** YEAH!

**** YEAH!

Starbucks, **** YEAH!
Disney world, **** YEAH!
Porno, **** YEAH!
Valium, **** YEAH!
Reeboks, **** YEAH!
Fake Tits, **** YEAH!
Sushi, **** YEAH!
Taco Bell, **** YEAH!
Rodeos, **** YEAH!
Bed Bath And Beyond (**** YEAH!, **** YEAH!)

Liberty, **** YEAH!
White Slips, **** YEAH!
The Alamo, **** YEAH!
Band-aids, **** YEAH!
Las Vegas, **** YEAH!
Christmas, **** YEAH!
Immigrants, **** YEAH!
Popeye, **** YEAH!
Democrats, **** YEAH!
Republicans (**** YEAH!, **** YEAH!)
Sportsmanship, (....)
Books, (......)