The origninal Elf Bowling creators have released 2 new Elf games


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Dec 10, 2002
I am one of the guys that created the Elf Bowling games a few years ago. The bad news is we sold our old company a while back and when we tried to buy back our old games, another company out bid us at the last minute. We were very upset that this happened but we couldn't see paying the amount of money that they bought it for. So it looks like the fate of the Elf Bowling games are over for now.

Since we created the original elf Bowling games, we created our own new series starring Oliver the Elf! We hoe you check it out!~
Each game stars our punchy new elf, Oliver, who does his best to smart mouth his way into delivering some holiday cheer. Santa Balls 2 Get it here, the sequel to last years #1 Internet holiday game, has all ready been played 6 million times since it was released last month. Players slide, push and bust shiny ornaments or "Santa Balls" according to Oliver the Elf.
The second holiday game is called, Spank The Frank Get it here. It involves the sharp witted Elf and his pet penguin named Frank. Spank Frank safely into floating baskets for points. The game is fun, but steer clear of the bad baskets which quickly turn Frank into penguin pate.
The games are available at our new game site
Or, download a copy of the game directly:
Santa Balls 1 -
Santa Balls 2 -
Spank The Frank -

We have also released the code so you can put the game on your own site if you want!

Have fun!


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Oct 23, 2000
and this is a repost, search function is at the top of the page, look into it


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Mar 7, 2001
Originally posted by: bonk102
and this is a repost, search function is at the top of the page, look into it
How is this a repost? When I search for "elf bowl", I get one other thread with reference to a different program/game at a different location. Perhaps your definition of repost is a little different than most people's, "look into it".