The (NEW) AT World of Warcraft Thread


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Aug 31, 2001
starting a new thread because the old one is getting slow with nearly 3000 posts, the last 2-3 page of the old thread will be moved into this one and a link to the old thread will be posted so you can look back for anything if you need/want to

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May 25, 2007
I am going to have to transfer my new warlock off of the current server I am on due to low population and lack of groups/guilds... Any suggestions on which server that i can actually transfer it to that isn't "full"?

Edit: Alliance
Edit2: PVE content is what I want to play. Pvp is a side show entertainment for me.


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Feb 27, 2004
I would suggest looking at the WoW census site to get some info about the realms.

When you say "new" Warlock, does that mean you recently started it? If so I would just create a new toon on a different server rather than pay to transfer.

I play on two PVE server. I have a Horde character on Kargath and Alliance on Cairne. Cairne is interesting because it's a new server (no transfers allowed) so everyone started from the beginning. It is LOADED with people but in some ways that is good because it's very easy to find a guild or a group to quest with. The downside is on busy nights you may have to wait 60-120 seconds to connect.