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Dec 14, 1999
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Yeeny26 has entered the room.
Typingsux: Hey GF
Yeeny26: hey LOB, whats up?
Typingsux: Nothin.
Typingsux: U
Yeeny26: same :)
Typingsux: :-*
Yeeny26: I like this one the best :-D
Typingsux: Busy day at work. Just saw your thread. That landlord should be held accountable somehow.
Yeeny26: yeah, well we wanted to move anyway, it just was such a shock
LTKO07 has entered the room.
Typingsux: Wassup
LTKO07: hey
Yeeny26: hey Evan
Typingsux: BRB darnit.
Yeeny26: k
LTKO07: hey colleen, how much was the security deposit on the place you were renting?
Yeeny26: 600
LTKO07: ouch, that sucks if you can't get it back
Yeeny26: I know, that is why I said I will get it back, one way or another
Yeeny26: thats my money darn it! ;-)
LTKO07: yeah, you spent a lot of time hoin, errr... saving to get that money!
Yeeny26: dont start boy!
LTKO07: i know, it does suck that your lousy landlord won't pay it
Yeeny26: he will pay me
Yeeny26: I will take him to court, and tell them how my water was shut off because he did not pay the bill
Yeeny26: and how my garbage did not get picked up for the same reason
Typingsux: :) Don't worry be happy GF
LTKO07: well he has to give it back to you, unless he declares bankrupcy
Yeeny26: I am, I started packing already :)
Yeeny26: I need a bigger place anyway, and now that my hubby is making good money, we can
Yeeny26: Evan, landlords have to by law keep your money for a security in a seperate account
Yeeny26: bankruptcy does not protect them from that :-D
ILMB10 has entered the room.
Typingsux: Yo Yo
ILMB10: hey AT ers
LTKO07: hmm... well for some reason my friend's dad couldn't get his money back when his landlord went bankrupt
Yeeny26: hello whoever you are ;-)
Yeeny26: maybe the law is different in NY evan
LTKO07: maybe
LTKO07: I'd just kick his ass, loot his house, and run
ILMB10 has left the room.
Yeeny26: see Evan, you scared him off!
LTKO07: oops
Yeeny26: ;-)
LTKO07: I think I'll invite isla
susanahopper has entered the room.
Typingsux: GF, it will take me some effort, do you think I should try to start the chat again
susanahopper: Hi guys... am I here?
LTKO07: I think so
Typingsux: Hi Susan. Who RU on AT
Yeeny26: yes, definitely LOB
Yeeny26: that was fun!
susanahopper: oh goody! LOL
Yeeny26: hey Isla
Typingsux: Oh.
susanahopper: Guess... Hi Colleen!
Typingsux: Hi
LTKO07: so now that the chat is getting interesting lets say I invite Colleen's mom :-D
Yeeny26: you leave my mommy alone!
Typingsux: Yes!
Yeeny26: no! lmao
susanahopper: Gee, you say Oh like ita a bad thing, LOB!
KewlGrannyL has entered the room.
Yeeny26: oh no!
susanahopper: Evan, are you at school?
Yeeny26: hi mom
LTKO07: no, I have off today
Typingsux: Figures that colleens mom would have such a cool name. =-O
KewlGrannyL: Hello am I supposed to be here.
susanahopper: Hi KewlGranny, nice to meetcha. :)
Yeeny26: Evan invited you mom
KewlGrannyL: Likewise I'm sure. ;-)
Typingsux: No way Isla.
susanahopper: Mu mom is in NY until tomorrow. :-(
Typingsux: I just get those weird feeling you know? :-[
LTKO07: Now everyone can see where Colleen got the insane genes from ;-)
Yeeny26: lol
Typingsux: Hi kewlgranny. You from upstate NY too?
KewlGrannyL: Yes I am. Originally from NYC. Brooklyn and Queens to be exact.
RTefertiller has entered the room.
Typingsux: Wassup underclocked
RTefertiller: Not much, just wandering the same.
RTefertiller: wondering, that is.
Typingsux: Where Kewl. I grew up in Queens. Ozone Park. Know it?
KewlGrannyL: Yup. That's where I moved her from. :cool:
susanahopper: Y'all know Valley Stream?
susanahopper: Long Island
KewlGrannyL: I used to go to the movies there when I was a teenager.
Yeeny26: I know of long island ;-)
LTKO07: I don't, but that's cause I'm in NJ
Yeeny26: wow, what was that mom, 75 years ago? :p
KewlGrannyL: You should, you got lost at the flea market at the Sunrise Drive in. when you were about 3.
Yeeny26: well you should have watched me better! =-O
Yeeny26: :-D
KewlGrannyL: Remind me to slap you when I see you.
Yeeny26: lol
Yeeny26: sure I will ;-)
LTKO07: I will no problem :-D
Yeeny26: shuddup evan, do not help
Yeeny26: she can be a cantankerous old broad :-D
RTefertiller: this looks private to me, bye now.
Typingsux: What year did you move from Ozone Park, I may know you. Colleen and I thought we may have met when we were youngins.
RTefertiller has left the room.
KewlGrannyL: >:eek:Who, me.
LTKO07: lol, you guys are scaring people off?
LTKO07: oops, no ?
LTKO07: dammit
Yeeny26: lol
Typingsux: Colleen and I played postman I think.
KewlGrannyL: You've got to be kidding? They take us seriously. hahahahahhahah
Yeeny26: we did?
Yeeny26: well as long as it wasn't doctor I can deal with that =-O
Typingsux: Colleen was young when you guys moved Granny. Where did you live? I was on 102rd, between 84st and 86st.
Typingsux: I was going to say doctor. I just wanted to be nice. :-D
KewlGrannyL: 102nd avenue near 81st Street.
Yeeny26: lol
Typingsux: No way! This is cool. What year did you leave Granny?
KewlGrannyL: 1979
Yeeny26: I just remember Jarod, my first boyfriend
KewlGrannyL: And I haven't been back since.
Typingsux: I was 10 already.
KewlGrannyL: I was 31. :)
Yeeny26: I was 6, and I got to see my first real cow! very exciting
Typingsux: 4th grade. Did Colleen go to PS 64?
KewlGrannyL: Yes she did. For Kindergarten.
Typingsux: Who was her teacher? Ms Lobell?
KewlGrannyL: You must have lived near St. Stan's church.
KewlGrannyL: No, she had two of them. I can't remember their names one was big and one was small.
Typingsux: No, I was on 102rd. St Stan is on 102 ave and 89th st.
Typingsux: You guys literally lived around the block from me, one block over.
LTKO07: small world...
Yeeny26: that is so cool
KewlGrannyL: Yes. It was a nice neighborhood.
Yeeny26: except for that anthony kid, he was mean to me!
LTKO07: that bastard!
Yeeny26: lol
Yeeny26: thank you evan, I feel better now
LTKO07: i try
Typingsux: I bet it was Anthony Camme.
Yeeny26: their old hood evan?
Yeeny26: I just remember he was tall, and really mean
Yeeny26: and I had a crush on him :)
Typingsux: How much older was he than you?
X z a v e r has entered the room.
LTKO07: lol
Yeeny26: a couple of years, maybe 4
X z a v e r: aha!
Yeeny26: maybe a little less
Yeeny26: aha!
LTKO07: hey xzaver
KewlGrannyL: He beat my air conditioner to death.
Typingsux: Anthony Camme. Lived around the corner from you on 86 st.
KewlGrannyL: with a baseball bat.
Yeeny26: who did? Anthony?
Typingsux: Sorry, 81st
X z a v e r: so this is were you guys/gals hide yourselves
KewlGrannyL: The whole family lived around there. They were like cockroaches.
Yeeny26: lol
Typingsux: Granny, do you mean the palominos?
susanahopper: They are having a reunion! I'm just a voyeur.
Yeeny26: lol Isla
Bobtist has entered the room.
LTKO07: who you calling a guy/gal?!!!?!?!
Bobtist: Niiiiiice.
Typingsux: Wassup Bobtist
Yeeny26: hey Bobtist
LTKO07: hey bobtist
Bobtist: Yo dudes.
X z a v e r: lol
Yeeny26: I am not a dude!
JMUCS006 has entered the room.
Bobtist: It's not a gender specific term...
susanahopper: Hi Bobtist. :)
Typingsux: Kantonburg is in the house
KewlGrannyL: I can verify that.
Typingsux: How Granny?
Yeeny26: hey kantonburg
LTKO07: baby pictures?
LTKO07: :p
Yeeny26: no baby pictures!
Yeeny26: I was an ooglie child
susanahopper: I was worse.
susanahopper: Evan knows.
JMUCS006: heyyyyyy
Yeeny26: we should compare notes isla
susanahopper: I'll win.... bad, bad ugly!
LTKO07: yeah, that must've been a bad childhood
JMUCS006: brb
KewlGrannyL: You were beautiful to me. :p
Yeeny26: I had bad skin, rail thin, thick glasses, greasy hair, damn I was hideous
JMUCS006 has left the room.
Typingsux: Granny, Colleen didn't remember much from Queens. She was young. I am loving the nostalgia. Send what you go to I'd love to see it!
Yeeny26: aww thank you mommy
Yeeny26: but why the :p?
Yeeny26: I see, you are lying! :-D
KewlGrannyL: You have to ask. I live with your stepfather. hahahahahah I always look like that.
Typingsux: Do you remember your exact address Granny? I'll know about where you were on the block.
KewlGrannyL: Not really. I am lucky I remember this address.
Typingsux: 81-84 st on 102 ave was a long block.
Typingsux: Were you closer to 81st or 84th?
Yeeny26: I would love to go back and see our house now
KewlGrannyL: Yeah, they said a crazy lady named Mickey Mouse used to have a store in my house. Closer to 81st.
KewlGrannyL: It has an iron gate.
Bobtist: Memories....:'(
Typingsux: Do you know the Petrillos?
Yeeny26: mickey mouse? Interesting
KewlGrannyL: Josephine?
LTKO07: less interesting than disturbing
Typingsux: Yes, and their daughter Sandra.
KewlGrannyL: Josephine was my tupperware lady.
KewlGrannyL: I lived right across from her.
Yeeny26: disturbing Evan? you have the gall to talk about disturbing?
LTKO07: umm... yes?
susanahopper: well, time for me to gather assorted neighborhood kiddies from school~
bsmooth906 has entered the room.
susanahopper: later!
Yeeny26: bye Isla
LTKO07: bye
susanahopper: bye :)
susanahopper has left the room.
Typingsux: Then her grandchildren Vinny and Jessica
SACOTOOL has entered the room.
LTKO07: hey sac
Yeeny26: hey sacotool and bigsmooth
bsmooth906: wazzup?
Yeeny26: nothing here, and you?
bsmooth906: not much
Typingsux: Granny, Vinny would have been about 6 also when you left. Jessica about 2.
SACOTOOL: not much here either
Yeeny26: I had a friend named Jessica, but she was older than 2
Bobtist has left the room.
Typingsux: Maybe 4.
KewlGrannyL: Yup and I knew the grandfather. I can't remeber his name.
KewlGrannyL: I loved that place.
Yeeny26: mom, was that the jessicaI used to play with?
KewlGrannyL: learned to cook a lot there.
KewlGrannyL: No. that was the kid that always showed up for supper. hahahahah Her dad was a horse jockey.
DTangX has entered the room.
Typingsux: Right.
DTangX: <------- adul
Yeeny26: hey Adul
LTKO07: oh no, not adul!
DTangX: you know I am right
Yeeny26: you are wrong!
Typingsux: Actually stepfather Granny.
LTKO07: who invited him!
DTangX: nopeI am always right
Yeeny26: who the heck invited you evan? ;-)
DTangX: right handed
Yeeny26: sure you are adul :-D
DTangX: :p
bsmooth906: heh heh
Farbio21 has entered the room.
DTangX: :-D
Yeeny26: my son is streaking, pardon me for a second
Yeeny26: hey farbio!
Farbio21: lol, hi colleen
DTangX: at wacko room
LTKO07: lol, little kids
DTangX: wahoo
DTangX: paded walls
LTKO07: woohoo we are special
LTKO07: we get padded walls
Yeeny26: I have a paddle
Yeeny26: :-D
KewlGrannyL: Get some clothes on that boy.
DTangX: *ducks
Yeeny26: I did, the little naked nuisance
Typingsux: Granny, if you'd like to talk about this, email me at Digging for memories is one of my favorite hobbies
Typingsux: Forget that email.
Yeeny26: lol
DTangX: haha
Yeeny26: anybody want a kid?
Yeeny26: I will send clothes with him, honest ;-)
Farbio21: lol, i think you're gonna have to keep him colleen
LTKO07: i dunno, how much $?
DTangX: put him up on fleabay
X z a v e r: lol
Yeeny26: ha, they would pay me to take him back
KewlGrannyL: Will do. I've lived here for 21 years, and I still wonder where all the &quot;friendly country people&quot; are.
Yeeny26: lol mom, they are here, they just have no teeth to talk with
Typingsux: I moved out from OZ 5 years ago.
KewlGrannyL: ahahahahahahahaha.
DTangX: :p
KewlGrannyL: I found city people much more friendly, crazy, but friendly.
Yeeny26: you guys think I am kidding, the sad thing is I am not
Typingsux: Teeth only get in the way Yeeny
Farbio21: oh, u know u love him colleen
Yeeny26: lol LOB
KewlGrannyL: Our county has more gum than wrigley's
Farbio21: but then again, i did try to sell my sisters:)
Farbio21: lol
bsmooth906: Even AOL's smilies are better than the AT Forums :'(
Yeeny26: I dont mind no teeth, I do mind the green ones though =-O
Typingsux: We have technology to puree everything. Who needs teeth anymore?
LTKO07: who needs teeth when you've got applesauce?
LTKO07: lol LOB, get outta my mind!
Yeeny26: lol
CrumCake27 has entered the room.
Yeeny26: hey Crum!
CrumCake27: o
LTKO07: hey man
CrumCake27: lol
Farbio21: any of those people in your county 3feet tall w/ a flathead?
KewlGrannyL: Yeah, but all these gums flapping are scary.
Yeeny26: the women are farbio ;-)
Yeeny26: well except for the women in my family of course :-D
Jonathan Reinink has entered the room.
DTangX: whos
LTKO07: that
DTangX: jonathon?
Jonathan Reinink: Hey ya'll, this is Jonny from AT
Yeeny26: hello jonathan
LTKO07: hey
KewlGrannyL: Hello Jonny from AT
Yeeny26: here's jonny ;-)
bsmooth906: hi jonny
CrumCake27: hello
Jonathan Reinink: how are you guys doing?
DTangX: jonnny who
Yeeny26: jonny dangerously
Yeeny26: :-D
KewlGrannyL: Nice teeth.
Jonathan Reinink: ;-)
Yeeny26: thank you!
bsmooth906: just jonny right, not jonnyGURU
Yeeny26: I brush them weekly :-D
DTangX: home sick
Jonathan Reinink: I put the link to AIM express right here;threadid=250111
LTKO07: I bet you guys don't see much teeth where you are :-D
Jonathan Reinink: correct...just jonny :)
KewlGrannyL: No you usually brush them on the phone when you're talking to me!
DTangX: oh that jonny
DTangX: just read your post
Yeeny26: lmao mom
DTangX: :)
KewlGrannyL: Only on full moons.
Yeeny26: I am sorry, I am a tooth brushing fanatic, it is the only thing that keeps me from being a hick!
LTKO07: lol
ShuxClams has entered the room.
KewlGrannyL: When the folks that are kind of cross bred come down from the hills.
DTangX: oh no
Jonathan Reinink: heh...ok here...who is yeeny26?
CrumCake27: shux
Yeeny26: hey shux :)
DTangX: shux!
LTKO07: hey shux
Yeeny26: I am GF
CrumCake27: whats up?
LTKO07: she's not GF
LTKO07: she's lying!
Yeeny26: or Colleen
LTKO07: liar
DTangX: gf, your kidd should live with shucks
ShuxClams: wassup
Yeeny26: or pain in the ass
Jonathan Reinink: lol!
DTangX: since he is streaking again
x K W O x has entered the room.
Typingsux: Wassup Clam>
Yeeny26: whatever you choose to call me
x K W O x: hey there
LTKO07: hi
Yeeny26: I know, my son is a nudist!
ShuxClams: whats up GF?
Yeeny26: hey KWO
KewlGrannyL: She's my kid. :cool:
Yeeny26: not much shux
x K W O x: sup
DTangX: sup
DTangX: kwo?
x K W O x: :)
DTangX: ok who is that
Yeeny26: lol adul
x K W O x: me= kotchy
x K W O x: :)
DTangX: oh
Typingsux: Colleen, your mom is cool. :cool:
DTangX: haha
KewlGrannyL: This is definitely more fun that the 50 plus chat on irc.
Yeeny26: hey Kotchy
DTangX: too many to keep up with
x K W O x: check out my ptogile
x K W O x: profile
x K W O x: :)
Yeeny26: thanks LOB :)
bsmooth906: i don't wanna look at your ptogile, wherever that is!
ShuxClams: GF your kid? How old?
Jonathan Reinink: so, you all from Offtopic/
x K W O x: :'(
bsmooth906: ;-)
Yeeny26: 8 6 and the nekkid one is 3
ShuxClams: LOL
x K W O x: =-O
Yeeny26: lol
Yeeny26: he is my little streaker
ShuxClams: cute
DTangX: hehe
x K W O x: cya guys, sleep time
DTangX: nudist in training
DTangX: night
bsmooth906: runs in the family, ladies? ;-)
x K W O x: l8rZ
LTKO07: lol
LTKO07: later
x K W O x has left the room.
Yeeny26: lol
KewlGrannyL: Mine are 32, 27,20,11 and 8. How's that for spacing. hahahahhaha
ShuxClams: ok what is everyones OT name?
DTangX: cough* streak across chat*
DTangX: :-D
LTKO07: I'm Ltk007
CrumCake27: same
Jonathan Reinink: Jonny
bsmooth906: bigsmooth, natch
bsmooth906: =-O at Adul
Sacotool has left the room.
ShuxClams: Hey CRUM!
ShuxClams: how you doing?
CrumCake27: whatz up
ShuxClams: long time man
CrumCake27: just waking up
ShuxClams: morning
CrumCake27: thanks
ShuxClams: how wifey?
CrumCake27: good
CrumCake27: at work
DTangX has left the room.
ShuxClams: alls well with you guys?
CrumCake27: yes
X z a v e r: well peeps , im outa here for now
ShuxClams: good
X z a v e r: l8taz
LTKO07: later
Yeeny26: bye xzaver
CrumCake27: trying for more
Jonathan Reinink: cu l8r
KewlGrannyL: bye nice meeting you
ShuxClams: cya xz
CrumCake27: bye'
X z a v e r: :)
ShuxClams: whos kewlgranny?
X z a v e r: ))Poooooooooooooof((
X z a v e r has left the room.
bsmooth906: shux: she's GF's madre
aduljr has entered the room.
KewlGrannyL: :cool:
aduljr: :)
ShuxClams: mucho gusto
Yeeny26: my mommy shux
CrumCake27: lol
aduljr: i'm back
CrumCake27: hi mom
Yeeny26: they invited her to torture me :-D
aduljr: like the plague
LTKO07: :-D
Yeeny26: WB adul!
ShuxClams: bueno
LTKO07: but torture is fun
Yeeny26: lol evan, keep smiling ;-)
aduljr: who's mommy?
KewlGrannyL: Who, me. I would never. (Well, not in public)
bsmooth906: lol
Yeeny26: my mommy
aduljr: who is
KewlGrannyL: Well I must go get something done before your evil siblings return home.
Yeeny26: have fun mom
aduljr: oih
CrumCake27: bye mom
KewlGrannyL: Oh joy!
Yeeny26: and kick bobby for me :-D
aduljr: kewlgranny:
KewlGrannyL: hahahahahhaha
ShuxClams: bye MOM
aduljr: :-D
Yeeny26: and smack joe and bob
aduljr: you so nice colleen
KewlGrannyL: will do. bye everybody, thanks for the invite.
KewlGrannyL has left the room.
aduljr: :)
Yeeny26: I am arent I? :-D
LTKO07: no
aduljr: /me smacks Yeeny with rubber trout
Yeeny26: hey, you never met these people!
LTKO07: that's a dirty rumor and I don't know who started it
Yeeny26: not you, thats for certain evan
aduljr: OK
ShuxClams: OK, back to my life, bug ya at the forums later kids
aduljr: who is at work here
Sacotool has entered the room.
Yeeny26: bye shux
aduljr: later shux
LTKO07: later shux
CrumCake27: bye shux
Yeeny26: wb sac
ShuxClams: CYA
ShuxClams has left the room.
Sacotool: hey
aduljr: btw miss yeeny
aduljr: i still have
Yeeny26: yes Adul?
aduljr: 100 Message to delete!
Yeeny26: hehe
Yeeny26: told you not to pick on me, I would get you back! :-D
LTKO07: lol
Yeeny26: and evan did most of them!
aduljr: that ok
LTKO07: I know :p
aduljr: I got something scheming
aduljr: for the both of you
Yeeny26: oh no, I blocked you from my PM's
Yeeny26: :-D
aduljr: not PM's
LTKO07: If you try anything adul I've got a way to destory you
CrumCake27: crazy kids
aduljr: I can much more fun than that
Yeeny26: oh no adul, be nice, you deserved what you got!
Typingsux: How can you de story somone?
Yeeny26: lmao lob
Yeeny26: I just caught that
LTKO07: dammit!
aduljr: you take their keybopardaway
Yeeny26: lol
CrumCake27: ouch Coll, you guys got booted
Yeeny26: we did?
aduljr: ?
LTKO07: ?
Jonathan Reinink: ?
Yeeny26: ?
CrumCake27: your thread
LTKO07: !
Yeeny26: oh I know
Yeeny26: arent I lucky? :-D
CrumCake27: thats bs
aduljr: huh
aduljr: what happened
Yeeny26: my getting evicted adul
aduljr: oh yeah
aduljr: i am slow
CrumCake27: you have a lease?
aduljr: I blame it on evan
Yeeny26: no, not anymore
LTKO07: I did it, its all my fault
CrumCake27: was just month to month
Yeeny26: I had one but it ran out, and we lived here for over a year with out one
CrumCake27: ouch
aduljr: :-(
Yeeny26: its ok, things happen for a reason
bsmooth906: that's really unfair but it has happened to several of my friends as well :-(
LTKO07: well at least its an excuse to get a better place
Yeeny26: maybe I will get a better place now
Yeeny26: lol evan
LTKO07: outta my mind dammit!
CrumCake27: new owner not willing to rent to you or what?
Yeeny26: you are arent you?
Yeeny26: they are going to move in
LTKO07: yes :p
Yeeny26: and they have never seen the place!
Yeeny26: that is just weird
CrumCake27: their going to take both sides?
Yeeny26: I guess
Yeeny26: Its ok though, because the hot water heater is bad, and so is the electric
Yeeny26: I feel bad for whoever bought it
LTKO07: lol
Yeeny26: wow, its quiet
bsmooth906: bah... I can't work and chat at the same time, and I had better work (d'oh)... see y'all later :)
LTKO07: work is for suckers
Yeeny26: bye bigsmooth :)
CrumCake27: bye
Sacotool: brb, have to reboot, computer is getting funky
LTKO07: bye
LTKO07: k sac
Yeeny26: k sac
bsmooth906 has left the room.
Sacotool has left the room.
Typingsux: Stop fornicating with it Sac
Yeeny26: lol LOB, ewllll
Yeeny26: my kids will be home soon, oh dear god!
Typingsux: Yor mom is so cool .
Yeeny26: she is, I love her to pieces
LTKO07: lol, remember adul's haiku
Yeeny26: lol evan
Typingsux: My mom doesn't know squat about puters
Yeeny26: oh neither does she lol
Jonathan Reinink: neither does mine :)
LTKO07: your mom isn't half as bad as mine
Yeeny26: she turns it on, connects and double clicks
Typingsux: My mom cannot even do that.
Jonathan Reinink: mine either
aduljr: hehe
LTKO07: I have to live with my mom and every five minutes I have to go fix the computer
Yeeny26: and then calls me, whats wrong with this, why is it doing this???
aduljr: my mom can use it pretty well
LTKO07: lucky adul
aduljr: though somethimes she asks to many questions
Typingsux: I know Adul
Typingsux: JK
Jonathan Reinink: I tell my mom the the internet is really hard to use, so that she does not want to use it, and use up my connection (which is ultra-slow already :-()
aduljr: hehe
Yeeny26: Adul is taking me on a cruise with his gf :)
DAM 9779 has entered the room.
aduljr: :-D
Typingsux: Really.
aduljr: welcome dam
CrumCake27: yo Dam
Typingsux: Wassup DAM
Yeeny26: I get my own room too
Yeeny26: hey DAm
DAM 9779 has left the room.
Yeeny26: bye DAM
LTKO07: lol
Jonathan Reinink: hey mayn
aduljr: hehe
CrumCake27: see ya Dam
Typingsux: WTF is up wid daM?
LTKO07: I dunno, I invited him like 20 minutes ago
Yeeny26: I think he went boom
aduljr: so did i
aduljr: i thinki he is busy
Yeeny26: too busy for us? how rude! :p
DAM 9779 has entered the room.
aduljr: ok
Typingsux: Wassup DAM
Jonathan Reinink: how old are you all?
aduljr: stop talking about him he is here
Yeeny26: wb DAM
Yeeny26: 27
Jonathan Reinink: (you dont have to answer of couse)
Typingsux: 69
aduljr: hehe
Yeeny26: mentally 12
DAM 9779: howdy yall
Typingsux: Oh, age.
aduljr: 24
DAM 9779: im 21
Typingsux: Sorry
aduljr: mentally
aduljr: depending on mood
Typingsux: 851
Jonathan Reinink: lol
Yeeny26: mentally 6 for adul
aduljr: 14 - 30
Yeeny26: wow LOB, you look good for your age!
LTKO07: pssst... adul is really 55
Typingsux: Mentally was the last one
aduljr: DOH!
Yeeny26: oh I see
aduljr: AM NOYT
CrumCake27: 27
aduljr: not
Yeeny26: and Adul is a woman too
LTKO07: yeah
aduljr: bah
LTKO07: that's obvious
Jonathan Reinink: lol
aduljr: not that crap again
LTKO07: from the saggy breasts
Yeeny26: lol adul, you know we love you :-D
Typingsux: Adul is my bitch. :-D
aduljr: I AM NOT A GIR:L
Yeeny26: no, a woman
LTKO07: you are a woman
aduljr: ahhhhhhhh
Yeeny26: sheesh
Jonathan Reinink: we know, we know :)
LTKO07: we know
Yeeny26: lol
aduljr: :-D
Jonathan Reinink: hularious
aduljr: i love over reacting
aduljr: so much fun
Typingsux: BRB
Yeeny26: k LOB
Jonathan Reinink: why o why the girl face then? :)
aduljr: um
DAM 9779: damnit work is sucks
aduljr: its been change
DAM 9779: bbl
DAM 9779 has left the room.
Yeeny26: its ok Adul, I am a man
Yeeny26: bye again DAM
Jonathan Reinink: l8r man....till next ime
Yeeny26: bye jonny :)
Jonathan Reinink: (my typing is terrible)
Yeeny26: oh wait, your not leaving are you?
CrumCake27: join the club
Yeeny26: me silly :-D
Jonathan Reinink: nope...unless you want me too *sob*
Yeeny26: lol
aduljr: i am going tom turn of my comp
Yeeny26: no, only evan :-D
LTKO07: he called you an SOB!
aduljr: and clean my keyboard
LTKO07: kick his ass
aduljr: brb
LTKO07: :p
Yeeny26: k adul
Jonathan Reinink: hehe
aduljr has left the room.
Yeeny26: now he will come back and say invite me
Jonathan Reinink: does he eat over his keyboard too much?
Yeeny26: I am going to send him to the wrong room hehe
LTKO07: lol
LTKO07: send it to some sexchat
CrumCake27: your mean
Yeeny26: lol :-D
Yeeny26: its fun to pick on him
Yeeny26: he loves it
Jonathan Reinink: I know he
Jonathan Reinink: totally
LTKO07: its a fetish for adul
Yeeny26: evans fetish is goats
Yeeny26: weird......
LTKO07: he's also into leather whips and ballgags
Jonathan Reinink: ahh.....nasty
LTKO07: not goats, blowup dolls!
CrumCake27: ahhhh
Yeeny26: how do you know so much about that stuff evan?????
CrumCake27: did'nt get it from me
Yeeny26: I think the truth comes out!
LTKO07: umm... adul told me...
Yeeny26: Evan is a goat dominatrix!
Yeeny26: =-O
CrumCake27: lol
LTKO07: damn, found out
Yeeny26: I did
Yeeny26: I am a private eye
Jonathan Reinink: =-O
CrumCake27: Evan, i so disappointed
Yeeny26: you should be crum, you tried to teach him and look what happens
LTKO07: you are not, you are the one who gave me the ballgag
CrumCake27: i told you to stick to sheep
Yeeny26: lmao1
susanahopper has entered the room.
Yeeny26: wb Isla
CrumCake27: hey Susan
Typingsux: Yo yo
susanahopper: Hi again :)
LTKO07: wb
susanahopper: what's up?
CrumCake27: if your not a goat, your fine
Yeeny26: lmao crum
LTKO07: lol
Yeeny26: Evan has a thing for goats, we just found this out Isla
susanahopper: hmmmmm....
Typingsux: Yes, he doesn't even mind the BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!@
Jonathan Reinink: susan is isla?
Yeeny26: lol
susanahopper: yup
Jonathan Reinink: cool, nice to meet you
Yeeny26: no, susan is red dawn, but isla is his nick
Yeeny26: :-D
CrumCake27: his first GF's name was BAAAAAAAABRA
Typingsux: LOL GF
susanahopper: LOL! nice to meet you to, J. R.
Jonathan Reinink: (Jonny)
Yeeny26: all I can think now is who shot jr?
susanahopper: Ah, hi Jonny, you are in tampa?
CrumCake27: Why\
Jonathan Reinink: nope....canada! :)
susanahopper: Wooo hooo! have some friends up there... cold!!!
CrumCake27: home of Para Ordinance
Jonathan Reinink: its nice :) today is beautiful!
susanahopper: Come to the Sunshine state, you'll warm up quick.
susanahopper: Here, too... 75 and Sunny.
Typingsux: I am warm here in NY
Jonathan Reinink: and snowmobiling is SOOO much fun :)
Yeeny26: its cold here in NY
LTKO07: Its nice and cool here
susanahopper: so is water skiinng.. ;-)
LTKO07: around mid 60s
CrumCake27: 70's here
Yeeny26: 40's here
Jonathan Reinink: yep, I water ski too
Jonathan Reinink: and downhill ski
Yeeny26: you guys are lucky
Yeeny26: and of course, it is pouring
susanahopper: snorkeling is the best... Colleen, have your husband get a transfer!
LTKO07: i love rain
BABarracus has entered the room.
CrumCake27: whoops, 61
Yeeny26: I dont do well in heat, makes me sick or I would
Typingsux: Oh oh. We're talking about the weather. *To find better topic* What about SEX!
susanahopper: I like sex.
Yeeny26: sex? whats that?
BABarracus: hello everybody
Yeeny26: hello BA
Typingsux: Yo BA
susanahopper: sex is good, yeeny!
Yeeny26: are you BA as in stanleys a bear?
LTKO07: oh Colleen, must I explain sex to you again!
Yeeny26: lol evan
Jonathan Reinink: me too :-(
Yeeny26: I know what it is, I just dont ever get any!
Jonathan Reinink: lol
Typingsux: ?
BABarracus: me too!
CrumCake27: ahh, poor Coll
susanahopper: brb need to make snacks for 6... back in 5!
Yeeny26: thank you crum
BABarracus: yup, that's me
Yeeny26: k isla
Yeeny26: I love your sig, my hubbys name is stanley hehe
Typingsux: I have lots of sex. Just need someone else around to make it fun.
Yeeny26: lol LOB
CrumCake27: lol
BABarracus: but do you know where it comes from?
CrumCake27: hate that
Yeeny26: it sounds familiar, but I cannot place it
BABarracus: hunt for red october
Yeeny26: oh I watched that years ago, I am too old now to remember ;-)
CrumCake27: me to
Yeeny26: oh cool, my son found his halloween costume!
CrumCake27: sooooooo old
Yeeny26: its a box
Typingsux: Do you all mind if I copy todays conversation and make it a new thread at AT?
LTKO07: the naked son?
LTKO07: or the older one
Yeeny26: saves me 30.00
Yeeny26: yep he is strange
LTKO07: not at all LOB
Yeeny26: I dont care LOB
CrumCake27: go head
BABarracus: wrap him up in aluminum foil, say he's a baked potato
Jonathan Reinink: wait..let me check what I said :)
Yeeny26: they all know we are weird anyway ;-)


Diamond Member
Jan 10, 2000
what happened to all the porn links that yeeny put up? man LOB probably kept them to himself.

and who was that studly muffin DAM 9779, he sound slike such a sweet heart :--)

dam(in class)


Mar 14, 2000
Maybe I'm stupid or something but I can't figure out how to join a chat room using AIM. Maybe I should go back to AOL so I can become edificated on such things.


Elite member
Sep 12, 2000

I hope I won't have to explain myself... :eek:

I think everyone knows what I mean (I hope) when I say sex is bueno.

BTW... I'm Islacita on AIM now. That way, everyone will know who I am. I have sooooo many psuedonyms that it isn't funny, so I will try to narrow it down a bit for you all. :)