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the new American migrant?


Jun 4, 2004

The article sort of touches mostly on Amazon, but the talk about wage gap versus living expenses, and what might otherwise be described as "retirees", are forced to live out of their vehicles and still work... hard jobs... till they drop deap? Is this really the America that we all want for our children?
Look, since 2009 businesses have been able to pick and chose employees and pay them very little due to the recession. Is it really fair for businesses to have to treat labor as an actual market and have to pay more for an employee?

Obviously it’s not fair in a capitalistic society so we need to keep the labor pool large to depress wages. What better way to do that then keep the elderly working?

So the new tax plan and eventual restructuring of Soc Sec will help that.



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Jun 5, 2017
There's a large number of people that believe if you aren't working a full work week, you shouldn't get diddly from "government entitlements."

Fine, we are good hard-working folk and value the sweat on our brow yada yada.

It isn't easy for everyone to pick up and move where the jobs are, especially if you are an older person (who quite often is helping care for elderly relatives in my experience.)

Let's not consider all the disabled people in this country...they should probably be ground up and used as Soylent green....they aren't chipping in their weight.

Eventually--and not that far off possibly--we have got to reconcile ourselves to the idea of a "living wage" for doing nothing, and get used to the idea of leisure time. Not Brave New World just yet, but moving in that direction. Name a profession that AI and automation won't be making advances on...lawyers maybe...so we are going to be lawyers, suing each other for a living? LOL Everything from programming to driving to factory work (old news) to mining to medical work--the robots are coming for us all. I'm a programmer and we can see the day where most of us won't be needed. Hell we've long had to deal with outsourced cheaper competition, which isn't quite the same but it doesn't help the situation.

I guess we could pull a "Dune" and say no machine can think (and extend that to no machines doing any work at all) if we really want to keep our jobs...but imagine corporate America going for that :) "Nope, can't use that robot, you need to hire ten people and provide health insurance because they need work!"