The Netgear Nighthawk R8 8500 router, only one that works well with wifi cameras.

Hugo Drax

Diamond Member
Nov 20, 2011
It has been a frustrating mess trying to have 4 Foscam R2 1080p 24fps cameras to provide reliable service. I have tried different APs with no luck when it comes to all 4 cameras working and not losing frames, disconnecting etc..

If I dropped two 3 cameras it was better but not perfect. 4 Cameras on the otherhand means one camera will be out a lot of the time impacting the other 3s performance.

But now with the R8/8500 (Set to AP mode just like all the others tested) I have no dropped packets, I can run all 4 cameras at the highest quality in the 24/fps (on the other units I had to drop them to less than 24 fps with more compression which meant lower quality)

The only thing I can think is the active antennas where the RF is actually on the antenna, and the digital demodulated signals pass down to the mainboard. Probably much lower noise, better RF output since losses are lower)

I did try other high end lines from other brands, and Netgear as well but the R8 is the winner here.

If you have a bunch of 2.4ghz wireless cameras not running at thier best with reliable service I would say Nighthawk R8 router from Netgear, it definitely solved the issue and its night and day when it comes to the camera output.

It looks like a lot of vendors seem to skip on solid RF design, including Netgear until you pick the R8 model

I am using Synology Surveillance Station. for all the cameras.