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Discussion The Most Underrated Vegetable Is The Rutabaga

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Jul 11, 2001
Mushrooms are great (love 'em fried) - but no way would I ever try and forage for 'wild' ones. Heard far too many stories of people getting that wrong and fatally poisoning themselves.
I got into it by virtue of Mushrooms Demystified falling into my lap (I worked a job where extras for the taking sat on pallets and scored some great books).

There are mushrooms I wouldn't chance, but many choice edible mushrooms aren't possible to mistake for unpalatable much less inedible much less fatal if eaten species if you are reasonably intelligent and observant.

Mushroom foraging is a lot of fun, in fact. They are among the most fascinating living things on earth. I haven't gone mushroom hunting for decades, though. When I did, I brought along that book. The time to go is right after it rains, like the next day or so.

My Shaggy Parasols are showing life again. I had a big pot of cream of shaggy parasol yesterday. I water my compost pile daily and its perimeter in hopes that the mycelium will send up new mushrooms. Meantime, I bought a good sized package of Bellas at Costco a couple days ago... they're making a find soup too. I also spotted a package of 12 cans of mushrooms at Costco that I snagged (imported from The Netherlands), couldn't resist.