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The first Obama/Wright attack ad shows up

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seemingly random

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Oct 10, 2007
Originally posted by: Vic
The biggest difference between highly successful people and most everyone else is that they're most social than us.
You mean we're not social? We sit around in our cubes (or holes at home or somewhere) and trade insults with each other all day long. Isn't that being social?


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Jul 21, 2000
Originally posted by: loki8481
the problem that I have is that Obama holds himself up as some kind of messianic figure who's above these political games.
I hear that alot from the Hannity/Rush crowd.

are you saying you listen to hannity and rush too!?? :p

I kid I kid!!

imho I don't believe this is the case. He does consider himself outside of the washington machinery...maybe it is the machinery that is telling us Obama is a demagoue in the hopes that such a label will turn our stomachs?

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