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The Echo Loop, what's the deal with this thing?


Jul 1, 2001
So, I saw that amazon.com is selling this new widget called the Echo Loop, which is basically an Amazon Echo on a ring.

Judging from Amazon's past "success" with mobile products, I bet that this thing has about 20 minutes of battery life and can only be heard when it's about six inches away from your ear. Because of that, you're going to look like an idiot when you try to use this thing.

I also love how it's "invite only" and currently costs $130. Even if this thing is somehow successful, you know damn well that it's going to be on sale for $59 on Prime Day along with the $19 Echo Dot models. Paying more than double than that to be a product beta tester is a suckers move.

Hell... this seems like the kind of thing that Google will eventually give away for "free" with some subscription service, just because of the kind of data they could collect from it. The only difference is their model will be marketed as a "fitness" ring, because it will have GPS tracking as well.
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Nov 2, 2018
So, it's been a few months and Loop is still in this beta test phase (invitation only).
I think we can safely assume that the idea of "smart ring' didn't catch on. I'm not sure why it's still on offer.

Smart bands (already available with assistants) are obviously the way to go - they're less irritating to wear, with larger batteries and option of a relatively large screen.
Because of that, you're going to look like an idiot when you try to use this thing.
"Looking like an idiot" is a cultural thing and it evolves with time. Not so long ago people had similar opinion about making phone calls though headphones (i.e. speaking to yourself on streets).
Few decades ago you looked like an idiot when wearing shorts in cities. It's 2020 and it's still rarely accepted in offices (maybe outside of IT). :)

People are already "talking" with their watches. A ring isn't that far away. It just doesn't make much sense.