The BYU football situation.... What do you think?


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Jul 19, 2001
For all who dont know, with a win tonight they will finish the season undefeated; however, the BCS isnt allowing them to play in a BCS bowl game (Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar) which is a large loss of revenue for the team and the conference. Read up on it here.

I personally think the BCS is right. Yes, they went undefeated but look at who they play! Their strength of scheduele is 105th in the nation. Hell, if most of the teams in the top 5 played the same teams BYU did, wed prolly see some 120-0 blowouts... :) I think BYU needs to start switchin around the teams they play to improve their SoS before having a serious case againt the BCS... Congrats on the season, but i think the Liberty bowl suits ya :)

What do ya'll think?


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Nov 2, 1999
Strength of Schedule is a good argument, but, I think they have a case. The whole ranking scheme sucks, IMHO. They should have some kind of playoff system, not just a single bowl game at the end of the season.

Oh well. Go Miami!


Jul 31, 2001
Anyone who actually thought BYU was going to make that long flight to Hawaii and then actually beat the Rainbow Warriors ...well they dont really know college football.

BYU got what they deserved. Don't ever EVER make it public knowledge that you fully expect to handle the next team you play.

Oregon is doing it now with Colorado - and they'll get stomped for it.

Tennesee did it with LSU and they're gone.

BYU did it with Hawaii, and got 72 points scored on them.

BYU NEVER belonged in the top 25. The highest team (CBS Power rankings) they played was 46. They needed late 4th Qtr Heroics to post victories against 3 teams that are no where near top 25 calibre.

I loved arguing with BYU fans the past couple weeks - they actually thought they deserved a BCS bowl bid. What a fricken joke.

Now they get to get blasted again - by Louisville in the Liberty Bowl.

Cream always rises to the top - and the teams who dont belong...eventually get thrown out of the mix. It happens every year.