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The banking industry knew what they were doing and knew what it would lead to.. so.. why did they do it? why do we allow

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Oct 30, 2000
Originally posted by: dmcowen674
Originally posted by: blackangst1
Originally posted by: dmcowen674
Originally posted by: LegendKiller
It wasn't anybody but First Data who grabbed cash and forced bankruptcy. Don't be intentionally dense dave.
Speaking of grabbing cash:

4-13-2008 Wachovia to get $7B investment

Wachovia's troubles with the housing slump have been compounded by its 2006 acquisition of California-based Golden West, a $24 billion deal whose timing, Thompson has admitted, "was not the best."

"With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that the timing was poor for this expansion in the mortgage business," Thompson wrote in February.

Let's hear the defending of yet another bank by the corporate supporters here.

Sure blast individuals but don't say anything bad against the mighty corporate whores.
See the word "hindsight"? Not everyone has the foresight you do Dave. Not everyone can foresee something going backwards.

Oh wait.
Oh yeah, Oh wait you didn't answer the question as usual.
no question within Dave's post nor any question marks.

Paranonia as usual?