The AT "what crypto do you like?" thread, and general crypto usage/investment discussion


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Sep 13, 2008
So, we have an anti-crypto thread, so I thought I would make a pro crypto thread. Well, kind of. More of, focusing on what you like, or what you do, or what you have in experience with various cryptos.

I personally think Dogecoin is quite cute. I also liked kitteh coin back in the day, but that died I think. I kind of like ETH and ETC, and of course BTC and its forks are interesting.

I know there is a lot of talk about ETH, what with PoS being worked on and of course it is #2 in market cap. But I would also like to talk about ETC again. Obviously the price and market cap of ETC are much lower, but the profitability in minining isn't far behind right now. When ETH goes full PoS, I am curious to see how difficulty on ETC is affected, that is how much. And I wonder what that will do for its price and profitability, both short and long term.

Anyway, feel free to share some of your crypto stories, tips, and insights. If you want to of course :p

Also, I would prefer to keep this thread upbeat and positive, as there is too much gloom right now on this planet. Like, yeah, I have made some bad trades, bought some highs and sold some lows. None of us are perfect, but let's try to find a silver lining, Ok? :D