Thanks for your patience......Please Read !


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Oct 9, 1999
Hello everyone from TEAM Anandtech....

This little not is just an explanation of the little *small* fun that the mini-teams have (are) been having the last few days....We have tried to keep the jabs at each other and not at other TEAM members.....We really love all of you guys and each other too...Remember the lessons from the past....WE are TEAM ANANDTECH.....

Please don't let our mini-team rivalry discourage anyone from having their own fun....

We work very hard at kicking each other (mini-teams that is) and we have used due caution as to avoid offending any of the many wonderful members cracking alone for TEAM Anandtech......We Love each and every one of you the same, mini-team or individual alike.....:D

Keep up the good work all! We'll get the DPC......and we can have a little co-exisiting fun too!

Goodnight all!

I am a PROUD member of this TEAM!


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Dec 7, 1999
I give up on the spelling, if there ain't no spell check on the forum you all just have to suffer with what ever goes down!:)

I'm going to be on a limit for forum time and there is no telling what might fly off my keys then.:)

Did you see what this nice Engineer did to us? Threw us out on our ear he did!!!:D:D:D

DanC has Trout! I can barely make out their shadows in the Pic's! Nice pond though!;)



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Jun 2, 2000
I'm tempted to do a Waterfall, stream, pond page.... I really am.
So many have expressed interest.

MW is definitely my kinda folks!