Thank goodness for Aldi’s

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Nov 17, 2019
Within the last year or so, I've seen gallon milk there for a buck and a half or so, varies weekly. Eggs as little as fifty cents. But also as high as two bucks a dozen and over three for milk.

It's too far for me to drive there to gamble on their prices and they don't show local commodity prices in their website.


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Oct 16, 1999
People need to remember that I live in a rather rundown section of Boston, Covid positivity rates in these communities are close to 30%. I use Amazon & Instacart to keep myself & the family I live with out of stores.

Normally we go to Stop and Shop & hit McKinnons for our meats. Having groceries delivered makes everything more expensive. I have reduced the size of meat portions & shop Aldi & Amazon for deals. Aldi has decent chicken & their black angus stew beef is delicious. I like their sourdough breads but tend to avoid their pastries as imho many are tasteless.Their brands of pasta sauce are good as is their peanut butter. Some of their fresh veggies are good too.

I prefer Amazon for my frozen veggies, side dishes, condiments and spices, paper products & bakery items. When I need ketchup I want Heinz, lol 😂We tend to make a lot of pasta, stews, grilled cheese, meatloaf, simple meals where you don’t need top of the line ingredients. I scored a nice deal on frozen Tilapia that is individually sealed so I got 2 packages. It’s a mild fish that cooks well with many things.

At any rate, I shop carefully & make sure nothing goes to waste, I am always grateful & mindful of the fact that cart of groceries was provided by my friends. Thank you for making sure my pantry is stocked. ❤❤❤

Also, we need a celebration, I am on the last Roll of Aldi TP, thank heavens, that stuff was rough! 😂
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