TH7-II + ANY Radeon == BSOD Help!


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Oct 10, 1999
Okay, long story short. Here are the specs of the computer I built:

ABIT TH7-II RAID w/ P4 1.6A @ 167x3 STABLE(1.7v) on ALPHA
2x256 PC800 Corsair RDRAM
2xWD 80GB SE Stripe
Pioneer DVD
Lite-on 40->48x Burner
Leadtek TV2000XP

I built this computer 2 days before the anouncement of the RADEON 9700, at the time I bought a Leadtek ti4200 w/ it and it ran stable no problems at the 167x3 oc. Well I returned the 4200 to wait for the 9700's. My cousin had a spare 7200 lying around so he lent it to me...THEN all hell breaks loose. I was intermitently getting BSOD's that said "ATIDIAG" error. So I thought no problem must be the high OC, So I bumped down and the occurence was less, but still VERY intermitent. It finally got to the point where I was sick of it and pulled out the 7200 blaming it for everything. So I spend the rest of the 2 months running on my trusty ol Matrox G400 till yesterday when I get my 9700.

OMG! After: RE-fromating, REinstalling OS blah blah blah I get that same BSOD! I'm am livid at this point. So we narrow it down to 3 things CPU, PSU,Mobo. How? We pulled out the 9700 and it worked magically in my cousins system (1.6@2.4 on epox board) so we did step by step, put his 8500 in my board and voila! I get the same BSOD! So the video card is not the source. Next he takes my CPU, and gets it stable to 160 on his board anything higher he gets auto reboots but never the same BSOD. He also has a crappy no name PSU so we factor the current draw in, and pull out my 9700 and plop back in his 8500...and whaddya know he can get to 166 now no problems.

Sorry for the long post but this is where I lie, our testing *indicates* that it could be a power thing or still possibly a mobo thing. I figure if I get an ANTEC Truepower 430 plug it in his system first and see if he can get a stable OC w/ the 9700 in then I should remount my cpu in my board and see how I fare, if I still get the error then can I conclude it's the mobo?

Quick Facts:Cousins 1.6x160 runs 9700 & 8500
My Rig:IS clocked down 1.6x120 to boot without that bsod



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Dec 28, 2000
You didn't mention anything about your BIOS. Try and get an updated BIOs?

EDIT: Oh, you also posted in the CPU/Overclocking forum.

I thought I replyed to you, just was a bit confused when I didn't see a reply here. So I replyed again, Go figure, it was on the other forum.