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Text-to-Speech in the Android Kindle App

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Jun 1, 2010
I am having a hard time getting TTS working in the Android Kindle App (Moto G4 Plus, Marshmellow OS).

I am new to the Kindle app on the phone (although I have used the Kindle Cloud reader a lot in the past). A number of friends noted the Kindle app has TTS and even the Google Play Store "highlights" this feature in one of the screenshots.

Alas I cannot find where to enable this.

Almost none of the books I read have Audible editions as they are academic theology books. e.g. reading Where is Boasting? by Gathercole right now. 98% of my books will never get an audio version. I have a 90 minute/day commute so I am looking to maximize that time by listening to some of my books.

It seems I can use Google's Accessibility feature (TalkBack) but it isn't a great solution (bad option actually) and more of an annoying hack that is unwieldy than a feature. There are other e-readers with TTS built in and these work great for PDFs (like journal articles) but cannot load DRM Kindle content.

So I feel stuck.

Paying an extra $3 to get the digital copy of the books I already buy is a FANTASTIC deal if I can listen to them... but if TTS isn't viable the Kindle app doesn't do much for me.

Any pointers on what I am doing wrong in Kindle/Android setup or a secondary app that works seamlessly to read/speak my Kindle books would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ps. From googling it seems Amazon at the request of some publishers may have disabled this feature for some books so as to maximize Audible sales (?... my books don't have audio versions...) so what I may need is an app that uses TTS to read Amazon Kindle Books ... what say thee the Android masters?