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Testing out the Brave browser

Oct 14, 2003
I just switched to the Brave browser because I heard it has a security first focus and plus I'm in the crypto space.

Installed on two computers.

Mine in sig: It loads slightly slower than firefox/chrome, but websites work better. It nearly totally eliminates any ads and tracking. Youtube videos load considerably faster, interestingly.

Mom's A6 laptop: It's a cheapo one and its pretty slow. On FF it uses 50-55% CPU. On Brave it plummets to 20-25% and the sites load *much* faster. The sites she goes on are plastered with ads of course. Sides, bottom, top.

Will see how it goes on hers but so far working brilliantly for me. If it works well on that low end laptop without any problems then I'll recommend using the new browser for all low end systems.
May 19, 2011
Installing a different web browser that's based on Chrome is a better choice than installing Chrome/FF and installing an ad blocker?

Wikipedia says the makers of Brave intend to pay content publishers 55% of their lost ad revenue, but I'm not exactly clear on what Brave's revenue stream is, and they reckon users are going to start voluntarily donating to web content providers. The standard 21st Century get-rich-quick formula usually involves selling userbase data, though they claim they're not going to do that.

Fishy and/or a hare-brained business model (which often results in fishiness), IMO.
Nov 30, 2004
*I use firefox and/or forks thereof exclusively. Despite the occasional stumble, I believe in Mozilla as an organization, and trust them to look after *my* interests.

*On android, I also have duckduckgo browser, and lightning installed, but I primarily use firefox(fennec-fdroid to be exact)


Platinum Member
Sep 1, 2010
According to the reddit the software still needs some work... lots of users trying and simply reverting after a short period of time. Nevertheless, a new browser being successful is quite a mammoth task right now, as Chrome and FF basically pave the way for most people.


Senior member
Nov 15, 2007
I'm hopeful about Brave. At the moment, I need to install it to Program Files, not to my %AppData% folder. At the moment, FireFox is really nice.

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