Terrible perofrmance when using the AMI raid as normal IDE ports??


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Oct 30, 2000
Hey all, i also posted this at the Iwill forums,but i thought i would get a quicker response here...

I was playing with this last night and thought i would do what i used to do with my old abit kt7-r. i wanted to attach everything to its own IDE port. so i went ahead and did what i normally do, master HHD on raid ide0 and secondary HDD on raid ide1 etc etc. the first time windows boots up, its fine. as fast as it ever was...but after its done loading the drivers for the ami...it takes fooooorever to load windows agaain. my write speeds to the drive or like at pio4 !! what good be the problem? is this a common issue with certain bios and drivers? ive tried the newest as well as the drivers that shipped with the board. any thoughts?
specs :
Tbird 900@1066(8x133)
512 Ram pc133
IBM 60gxp 20 gig
samsung 6 gig
Aopen 52x cdrom
IO Magic 8x4x32 cdrw
Hercules KyroII
thanks for any input...