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Terra Tech-Kill your opponents and use their parts


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Sep 16, 2009

The final version of Terra tech came out a couple days ago. The game has been known by its alpha and earlier beta builds for quite some time. I start this thread for people that don't know it, since I find it along with Besiege, to be one of the more innovative indie games of late.

You start by managing a little cubic central hub, on which you add other hubs and wheels and you end up with a buggy. You fight it out with other vehicles and you take their parts and add them on your vehicle. You can create any contraption you like. Oh also GUNS! Lots of them. You can stick them all around your vehicle!

Also you harvest various resources, which you collect with your buggy and use them to advance your technology in your base.

Very funny, innovative, action packed. Don't miss it!

2D video

S3D video

Don't forget to watch with Chrome for HD 60fps

Steam link with demo available

I have made a Tridef 3D profile for anyone interested. 3D makes it even better.

Take care.


Aug 24, 2008
Looks like a rpg version of robocraft but single player only so eww.

Also they expect you to pay almost as much to buy the beta test dlc as the game costs so that's kinda horrible.


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Jul 15, 2003

Game has received many updates. Its also 30% off right now if purchased thru steam.

Try the demo, its fun.
Game needs work still but the basics are there. You can build pretty much anything you want and theres lots to explore, loot, and purchase. Plenty of monstrous enemies to kill as well.

Building vehicles is similar to Besiege except they dont fall apart instantly and they always work. Does not yet have quite the same depth as Space Engineers but its a lot easier and it also runs smoothly with no graphics glitches.

Your single player world is persistent and they plan to add multiplayer soon. If an enemy obliterates your base they have the decency to move along and not camp.
Also, you can move your base very quickly if you choose to do so, but you'll have to set up the parts manually when you pick a new spot to use.

Good stuff, check it out.
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