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Tell me why I should/shouldn't pull the trigger on this lenovo ultrabook


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Dec 3, 2010
My local shop has one of these for $600 open box. I was looking at spending $600 max on a device that I would use for web browsing, word processing, occasional photoshop. No gaming or video editing. I tend to hold on to my laptops for 5-6 years at a time so longevity is important. My current laptop is a 2nd gen i5 processor.

Lenovo IdeaPad 730S
i5-8265U with Intel HD 620 graphics
1920 x 1080 IPS LCD (no touch screen but I'm ok with that)
8 GB DDR3 2400 (cannot be upgraded)
256 GB NVME SSD (can be upgraded)
42 wH battery
2x Thunderbolt
1x USB 3.1 supports charging


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Mar 10, 2012
"Tell me why I should/shouldn't pull the trigger on this lenovo ultrabook"

Lenovo has been caught, at least 4 times now...maybe more, secretly planting spy CHIPS...ACTUAL PHYSICAL HARDWARE, NOT JUST SOFTWARE..into the computers they flood into USA. . .to phone home anything created by USA users that the Chinamen might find of value in any way..
Lenovo has really great styles and really great options, and IS E V I L.
Every time Lenovo has been caught they "apologized," ...then did it AGAIN. (Fool me once shame on you, fool me 4+ times...?)

I don't have time to construct here a "proof." Just on the fly in this moment I quickly grabbed this dated link to illustrate
I earn my living as a consultant. Some of my clients where USG security policies are enforced won't let you enter past the sign-in badging desk carrying a Lenovo laptop.
Yes they're pretty. Yes they have nice configurations. LENOVO IS E V I L.

Your spending dollar is also like a "vote" in favor of the product you're buying - your endorsement. Don't vote in favor of Lenovo.

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Nov 21, 2005
Lenovo 730s is fine. Nice display, battery life is okay. Replacing the screen is a pain in the @$$, though, has glue holding it together, and you need an actual professional to replace it, not a random tech street-junkie.
Would it be recommended, NO.
You can get the real thing, the Yoga 730, brand new, from Best Buy for nearly the same price. Their laptops always go on sale, especially back to school season, or randomly each and every week starting on Sundays.

Lenovo isn't that bad, but they're not perfect either. The Intel exploits alone already has manufacturers look like bad guys. The whitepapers and back-end paperwork for Fortune 1000, from Intel and Microsoft, dealing with Intel CPU/chipset exploit security are beyond the acceptable imagination.
If everyone boycotted LenovoPro and Lenovo Enterprise, they'd be out of business already, as of 2019.

Anyway, eBay, you can get a Dell Latitude 7480, Intel gen-7 for less than $600, and still get touchscreen.

As of 6.27.2019, Dell Latitude 7480 14 FHD Touchscreen Intel i7-7600U 512GB 16Gb *NO OS*, $350, free shipping, on eBay, and 99.6% Positive feedback seller.
That's hard to pass up. Almost the cost of nothing compared to when it was brand new in 2017-2018.
The 7490 goes for +$2,000 with those specs and touchscreen option on Dell.com