Techniques To Get More From Your Serger


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Jun 8, 2020
Techniques To Get More From Your Serger

A serger is just not limited to the machine but you can say it’s always your work saving and efficient machine. It just not helps in completing the overlock but it also helps in finishing the seam, trim seam allowance and sewing a seam, all in one machine.

If you want to achieve a professional look in all your dress then serge is something which you should have in your sewing area along with the best basic sewing machine at to get the best results.

A serger sewing machine

It’s necessary to understand the whole mechanism of the serger to get what you want from it. All the beautiful sewers out there, they must understand the machine and for that, we are here to guide you, how you can get the best out of your serger? Following are some of the tips through which you can work smoothly no matter if you are working for the first time.

Threading order:

There is one common thing in all the machines and that is threading order. If you are going to mess up with the threading order of the machine then the sewing machine is going to mess with the whole project. To achieve the high-quality stitches and to get the best settings on the fabric, you need to thread the machine in the correct order.

While you are threading serger, let the thread enter first into the loops and then into the needles. Once the upper looper of the machine is completely threaded, then start threading the lower looper. If the lower looper thread is fine over the upper lower thread then the stitches will be formed properly. Once your threading order is completed, you can be satisfied with the stitch quality.

Machine Needles:

Before you start working with the serger, you need to understand the needle clamp. The serger consist of two needle clamp and each support the individual needle. Each needle is properly fixed in the needle clamp and both of the needles are not on the same level. The needle on the left side is higher and the needle on the right side is lower.

If you have to remove the needle or need to replace it then first loose the screw and remove it from the needle clamp. At the time of fixing the needle into the clamp, make sure that it gets fixed properly or the stitches will not come out evenly. At the time of choosing the needles for the serger, you need to read the manual comes up with the machines for the needle size guide.

No Pins:

If you want to save your work from the big trouble then always avoid pins. When you are working with the sewing machine then it’s possible to sew with the pins because sewing machine can definitely handle that but when you are working with the serger then it is not recommended to work with pins. Serger seems to be a tough machine but the knife is so delicate.

If a single pin is going to be in the way of serger then the sharpness of the knife will be ruined as well as it will be broken immediately. You need to replace it which can definitely cost you more. To get the more from serger, you just have to avoid the pins and the whole sewing thing is going to be too smooth. You can use clover flower pin as it can help in detecting the pin.


Cleaning is the factor which can enhance the performance of best sewing machine for beginners and of a serger. If you don’t clean the machine often then performance will be dull soon and your machine will end up collecting the lint and dust all over the place. If you are attempting two projects in a day then it’s necessary to clean your machine after every 2 days.

Serger sewing machines for home use

For more information about the machine, you can read this buying guide. At the time of attempting the woven project, the debris keeps building inside the machine rapidly and to get rid of that, you need to clean the machine. With the help of a small lint brush, which often comes with the machine, clean the machine and you can start working later.

High-Quality Serger Thread:

To take full advantage of the serger, it’s important to use the high-quality serger thread in the machine. As it is important for the sewing machine, equally it is important for the serger to use the high-quality thread. A high-quality thread is also going to help you in preventing the machine from collecting the lint regularly and the quality of the stitch will be top-notch.

If you are going to use the low-quality thread in the serger then the machine performance will get decrease day by day and it will also affect the quality of the stitches as well.

Tension Settings:

Tension settings play an important role when we are talking about the serger. In both cases, if you are using a sewing machine or serger, a single mistake in the tension setting can change the shape of the stitches. Use the recommended settings for the serger and then test it on the swatch. If you are settings are good enough then you will be able to see the perfect stitches on the clothes.

For all the four cones, you need to adjust the settings differently and I recommend to use the different colors for each cone. In case one of the thread is not working properly, then you can adjust the settings accordingly. If you will use the same thread in all the cones then it will be hard to figure out the problem.


Along with the serger, you should have a complete understanding about the sewing machine as well and for that, you must read A Buyer's Guide To Your Best First Sewing Machine You Should Know for the relevant and useful information. Once you will understand the whole working mechanism of the serger then so many of your problems related to the sewing can be solved.
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