Team AnandTech SETI - 1:00 PM CDT Update - (Tuesday, April 30, 2002)


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Jan 3, 2001
Team AnandTech SETI - 1:00 PM CDT Update - (Tuesday, April 30, 2002)

Standings and Production of Teams near Team AnandTech

#06 ? 2,855,921 ? 17,887 Work Units ? 2,506 Members ? Chg 10 ? SETI@Netherlands ? *Note 1

#07 ? 2,836,848 ? 6,662 Work Units ? 5,924 Members ? Chg 25 ? Team MacAddict ? *Note 2

#08 ? 2,720,929 ? 3,034 Work Units ? 12,514 Members ? Chg 1 ? Team Art Bell ?

#09 ? 2,703,470 ? 2,935 Work Units ? 1,324 Members ? Chg 0 ? The Knights Who Say Ni! ? *Note 3

#10 ? 2,550,439 ? 5,026 Work Units ? 2,571 Members ? Chg 0 ? Forum Hardware FR. Team ? *Note 4

#11 ? 2,277,895 ? 5,621 Work Units ? 2,069 Members ? Chg (1) ? Team AnandTech ? *Note 5

#12 ? 1,893,003 ? 6,279 Work Units ? 2,223 Members ? Chg 2 ? DSLR Team Starfire ? *Note 6

*Note 1
S@N has another big recruiting day and continues its assault on the top ranked teams ? look out Top 5!

*Note 2
It seems the passing by S@N has fired up the MAC ATTACK GANG and they have really stepped up their recruiting. Look at today ? 25 new members. :Q

*Note 3
The Knights seem to like changing their names. It?s got to give their stats people a real headache. :)

*Note 4
See Note 3 ? this applies to the French also. :D

*Note 5
Our thoughts and prayers are with John W. Middleton today.
His ?Open Heart Bypass? surgery is nearing completion at the time of this report. /fingers crossed/

We gain one new member but lose two. :) :(

*Note 6
With new members bringing over 1,600 new WUs today, our old nemesis beats us today. :(

Data Files are Updated! :D


Below are some of the many Reports available on:
Please visit my website for all of the reports.
For your convenience, just click on the links below ( quicker to visit the website so you can just use ?Page Back? to pick a different report.) :)

Under the heading of Team AnandTech Statistics you will find among other reports:

New Members Report - Last 7 Days :)
*A Report covering the last 24 hours including New Members, Departed Members, and Members that changed their SETI Name.

Complete Team Ranked by New WUs :)
*WUs completed in the last 24 Hours.

Complete Team Ranked by Total WUs :)
*This is a report, which includes all members with at least 1 WU and now contains ?Catch Days?. :Q

Big Movers :)
*Here you will find who moved up the Ranks the most in the last 24 hours. This is where you spot the new up and comers.

Team Ranked by 7 Day Moving Average :)
*If you have not been on the TeAm for at least 7 Days, you won't find your name here.

Team Standings 7 Days into the Future :)
*Look where you are predicted to be this time next week. If you have not been a member for at least 7 days you will find you are not predicted to make any progress because this is based on the current 7 day moving averages. If you don't like the prediction...Increase your WU Production.

Top 25 World Team Analysis :)
*I have constructed a short term (7-day moving average) and a longer term (30-day moving average) of the Top 25 Teams in the World. Using those averages a projection is made that indicates the number of days before Team AnandTech SETI catches any of the teams that are ahead of us or is overtaken by a team that is behind us. The projected ?Catch Date? is constructed with a 20/80 weighting of those two averages.

Chart of Teams Near Team AnandTech :)
*Credit and thanks to my buddy, Pascal - SETI@Netherlands

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There is a display problem when using IE 6.0. My reports are created using MS Office XP software and, when viewing the web pages generated by MS Excel 2002 and Front Page 2002 with Internet Explorer 6.0, some rows completely disappear and other rows have their borders distorted. There is a FIX ? Wait for the pages to completely download and then hit F5 to Refresh and the reports will appear properly. Thank you, Bill Gates. :)


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Nov 20, 2001
Thanks for the stats Smokeball :D

Ars has gone on a recruiting drive apparently driven on by the Germans. Linky

We need to ramp up our recruiting :)


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Jun 7, 2001

Thanks for the top 10 +/- a couple :) team color commentary and reports, too!


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Nov 13, 2000
3rd! Thanks Smokeball! :)

Darn it i really need to subscribe to AT...i feel a birthday present request coming on! ;)


Zim Hosein

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Nov 27, 1999
Thanks for the stats Smokeball, much appreciated :D