TeAm AnandTech is Recruiting!

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Aug 2, 2003
Sorry if you thought this is some sort of official posting to be a journalist, moderator, etc. It's not.

TeAm AnandTech is the name of the distributed computing team. What's distributed computing? Seriously, you haven't heard? :) Well, sit right back my friends and listen to my tale:

Distributed computing is in essence a very decentralized supercomputer made up of volunteer computers, when they aren't doing anything else. Why volunteer your spare CPU cycles to create a supercomputer? To cure cancer. To find new stars. To perform complex mathmatics. To help the Large Hadron Collider discover new quantum physics particles. To search for Spock. The list is extensive. But let's not forget this one: Because you get POINTS and outscoring others is FUN. :)

You don't need a fast computer and many projects can even run on your phones and tablets once they are nearly charged! Make you HTPC do some work while YOU are at work. :)

You've probably heard of Folding at Home, SETI, BOINC, and other Distributed Computing projects. You've probably even used them in the past to test the stability of your overclocked new computer.

Well, we'd sure like to have you as an active member over in the Distributed Computing section, under SOFTWARE. We're a relatively small group, very friendly and helpful.

We're an international team, and we've joined with TeAm AnandTech to show our appreciation for the many years of advice, reviews, etc etc found on And we engage in friendly competition with other teams, and frankly we're losing. :(

I personally believe AnandTech reader's could easily overpower our 'enemies' and become a distributed computing powerhouse of a team!!

So come on over and pay us a visit, ask a newbie question or ten, and get started changing the world!

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