Tad confused with Dreamweaver's Local View, Remote View, and Testing Server.

Discussion in 'Programming' started by fuzzybabybunny, Apr 12, 2009.

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    I think I set up WAMP successfully. I can preview webpages with it at localhost, so I know that at least Apache's running.

    But I'm really confused with Dreamweaver and how it interacts with the testing server and the remote location.

    Local View: where ever my website is stored on my computer (C:\Users\Admin\Documents\victorlinphoto)

    Remote View: my website on the hosting service (http://www.victorlinphoto.com)

    Testing Server: the WAMP thing I just set up (C:\wamp\www\victorlinphoto\)

    So I make an index.php in local view. I click on Put File. It puts it to the Testing Server.

    I make a test.php in testing server. I click on Put File. I get an error because test.php does not exist on the local site. Errrr... why does the file need to already exist on the local site in order to put it from the testing server?

    So there's no way to Put files to the remote server? The only way to upload to the remote server is to hit Synchronize? Back when I didn't have a local testing server I could just hit Put and it would upload whatever file I had selected to remote.

    What if I wanted to Synchronize an entire folder on the local with my local testing server? Synchronize only interacts with the remote server.
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    Due to things exactly like this is why I hate dreamweaver. Even frontpage was better - ok, no it wasn't. Pick up a copy of web developer express or web expression.