Tablet used as Remote


Feb 18, 2013
Right now I am watching all TV by streaming off of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. On a 7 year old intel based computer. All of my channels are in my favorites on firefox. Of course this is not ideal, but I dont want to waste my time setting it up since the computer is just about to head to the big house and keel over.

So This is what I have so far. Asus z68 M pro, 1T Barracuda hard drive, case with PSU. Plan on using a I3 processor with HD 4500, 8G of Ram, and possibly a 128G Vertex SSD. Dont know about the SSD yet, but the computer will still be used for other things than TV/Theater on occasion.

What I want to do is set up the desktop on the TV like a tablet. An App Icon for Hulu, Netflix, Ect. Also I want to use a touchscreen tablet of some sort and a Bluetooth card and have the tablet use the power of the computer when needed and also work as a "remote". Something that can swap from a regular desktop to the same desktop thats on the TV, Be able to control the basic functions on the TV like pause, volume, and those things, AND be able to work as a net surfing computer while the TV still has the streaming television programs on.

The main thing is that it has to be user friendly to "channel surf". If I dont do something within the next few months with my TV setup that old computer is going to fly out the backdoor via the Ole' Lady o_O. She wants to be able to watch TV without a degree in computer engineering.

I really want to keep the computer Microsoft based, preferably with Win 7. I dont have time to learn how to use Linux like I would like and set up the system at the same time.

SO, does anybody know where I can find some info on all this. Will it even work? Should I use Windows Media Center, or use XBMC? I know XBMC is Linux based, but it will still work in conjunction with windows. Thats one of the pitfalls of the older computer and the XP thats on it. It just doesnt work very well, and this could be a problem not involving XBMC at all. But the computer is old and needs to be replaced.



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Jan 27, 2001
I don't know what might do the job, many want the same thing, but I would note that you have no need to "learn" Linux to use it. Many distribution boot and look pretty much like Windows.

If you do stick with MS, hope you like that metro interface.

I don't see tradional IR remote emulation as adequate for real control. Has me looking at a new AV receiver with some kind of open standard wifi control like the better Pioneer models.


Dec 16, 1999
Ceton corp which make the InfiniTV cards / boxes to allow you to a cable card to get all channels into a pc for htpc or dvr has a app for tablet control and I believe it works for any windows media center even if you do not have their Infinitv installed. Also there are several tablets which have capability to work as a remote ( see Samsung tab 2 and tab 3 ).