Question System behavior after returning from hibernation


Jun 30, 2004
I've gone through much turmoil this year. It's almost comic that I had an accident with my best computer (I'm using it now) back in January 2021 -- zapping a USB port with a static charge when I reached to retrieve a vaping pen that was being charged on the port. Quickly, the USB controller on the motherboard went south, I replaced the board and did some other wonderful things, using the computer through July. I routine restart at that time caused the computer to hang and fail to post at boot-time. "NO! Another hardware problem!" I thought. I put the system aside hoping for time to troubleshoot and fix it with a minimum of work. I have a lot of burdens now -- two disabled people to care for, chores, sale of a house, all sorts of stuff. Finally got around to troubleshooting and quickly found that I'd left a non-bootable optical disc in the optical drive, causing the system to hang at boot time. There was nothing wrong. Nothing at all! As I've said -- "So STU-PID!"

Before any of this stuff happened, I'd noticed certain annoying behaviors of the machine when it comes out of hibernation. The system is on a household LAN with a server. I keep my Quicken financials on the server, backing it up to whatever (single one-at-a-time) system I'm using to access the file. My digital archive of PDF document scans is on the server, and I use both Kofax Paperport 14 and FileCenter DMS document management systems. The Kofax software seems sluggish on return from hibernate. MS Outlook has sluggish pop-up menus after return from hibernate. Sometimes, I notice Quicken seems slower. With impatience, I'll close everything down and reboot.

Somehow, I think this could be related to network settings that might need tweaking. It's not a hardware problem. I DO use Primo-Cache: I built the system with PC in mind. Maybe I need to tweak Primo, I can't say, and I've put out a similar message on the Romex Software user forum.

Any suggestions or thoughts? Is there something I should do with my Intel LAN driver for my motherboard? With Windows? Got any ideas? I could post this on "Networking" or "Software", but I can't be sure where the sluggish behavior comes from.


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Aug 11, 2001
I'd run a CPU benchmark when it's sluggish just as a sanity check, but also try a newer (or older if it's the latest) LAN driver, disable power management states in the properties for it, and check whether any recent windows updates could be related.

Does it really need to go into hibernation? I used to hibernate systems but they boot so fast these days with an SSD that I stopped doing that (except on a laptop), or use a different S-state like suspend to RAM, though if it's a network driver issue then suspend to (anything) could still cause the problem.