Swapping out mobos - for those thinking about it


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Feb 7, 2000
Just some experience to share with you folks since it may help . OS is WinXP.
Recently swapped out a P4S333 to the P4PE (both ASUS but different chipsets). This was a walk in the park - all devices were found on bootup and installed subject to some minor cleanup. No BSODs amazing.
Swapped out an A7S333 for MSI K7T266 Pro 2-RU and again a walk in the park - this time different manufacturers and chipsets.
The pattern here is migrating from SiS to VIA or Intel.
One last swap (yeah I know sleepless nights) from an A7V (vanilla) to MSI K7T Turbo LE and what do you expect another stroll in the park - this time even more easier (these are older VIA mobos so may be uncommon).
Here is where I failed and I am not sure why.
Swapped out MSI K7T 266 Pro2-RU for the P4S333 (just moving things around) and had to reinstall WInXP (using the Repair feature + updates) - You can't always win.
To summarize
Asus (SiS) P4S333 --> Asus (Intel) PE =OK
Asus (SiS) A7S333 --> MSI (VIA) K7T266 Pro 2-RU =OK
Asus (VIA) A7V --> MSI (VIA) K7T Turbo LE = OK (A7V was total junk)
MSI (VIA) K7T266 Pro 2-RU --> Asus (SiS) P4S333 = required WINXP reinstall
Just passing this on to those who may be interested.


Apr 14, 2001
was this all the same HD/OS set or ..?also what version XP..Home/Pro..Upgrade.OEM.Full(Retail) or Corp ..?