Suse 9.2 FTP Install?


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Jul 13, 2001
I've been waiting for the 9.2 FTP install, but they only have src packages for i386, and there is nothing for x86_64 yet :( Anyone have any information about this?

Thanks :)


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Jul 4, 2002
Usually the free installs lag behind the commercial public release by some time. It encourages people to purchase a cdrom copy.

however they should release a ftp install, or a personal edition eventually. How long has 9.2 been out?

Things may have changed now that Suse is now owned by Novell, but I don't think that they wouldn't make no-cost versions aviable ala Redhat WS/ES. Novell has been pretty cool about stuff like this so far (openning up Yast and openning up a Free Exchange-type services to open source for instance) and giving away no-cost OSes is great marketting.

from their readme on the ftp server;
Fri Oct 22 16:36:50 MEST 2004 - draht

Dear visitor of or one of its mirrors,

this is the directory in which the SUSE LINUX 9.2 product packages
can be found.

As of now, end of October 2004, only the source RPM packages for the
product are being made available. The remaining binary packages for
the SUSE LINUX 9.2 ftp version are being worked on and will be made
available in this directory at a later time.