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Question Supermicro X8DALi Windows start problem after Bios update


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Feb 25, 2020
Hi all, I made a motherboard and processor replacement on my Workstation to increase performance. Replaced an existing X8DTLi with dual Xeon 5520 processors by a new X8DALi mainboard with dual Xeon 5672 processors. Made an Bios Update using Superdoctor5 and installed the Bios 2.1 version using the X8DAL31.C30 file downloaded from Supermicro Webpage. The update run perfect, no error messages. Run the Bios setup, all drives and CD roms are detected as ok on the Bios setup. After save and exit, rebooted the PC. It was impossible to start the installed Windows 10 Professional program on a SSD system drive: a message "can not detect system drive" appears . Tried to start with another SSD drive with Windows 7 Professional installed on it. Same result.
Windows 7 made a problem detecting attempt. but was unable so find an appropiate solution.
Question: Did I something wrong in the Bios setup or what can cause this problem?.
I made a Technical Assistance request to Supermicro and recieved a laconic answer: this Motherboard is EOL.

Installed components:
Supermicro X8DALi mobo
dual Xeon 5672 processors
24Gb. Hynix. ECC Reg. DDR3 1330 RAM, in 6x 4Gb. modules.
Samsung 860 SSD 256 Gb. SATA as system drive
2 Western Digital 1Tb. HDD SATA archive drives.
Video: AMD Radeon 5770 .
1 PCI - USB2 add on card
1 PCIe- USB3 add on card.
1 external Western Digital Easystore 10Tb. drive for backup purposes

alternative SSD tested wit Windows 7 Pro: OCZ Vertex3 256Gb. SATA

Would appreciate if somebody could give me a solution for this problem.

Kind regards, Szabolcs