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Discussion in 'Home Theater PCs' started by LIT4, Dec 31, 2017.

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    I'm thinking a build

    1080 p and some 4k capable playback.
    No gaming, but some multitasking
    Intel or AMD? Chipset? Low TDP processor?

    My only requirements right now is that my board Has the latest pipelines , i.e. latest pci express , usb, and definitley capable of a card with the latest HDMI
    Suggestions? Feedback? Experiences? Please and thankyou
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    Just get a Sony X800 bluray player for you 4k needs. It does netflix and youtube, in addition to UHD blu rays. Only way to get 4k itunes right now is an Apple TV, so you can also pick up one of those. That way, you save yourself the headache of HDCP on your computer. Then pretty much any computer will work for 1080p or 4k unencrypted content.
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    I love mine, picked up for $150 Black Friday but looks like they are around $200 today, still a decent price. I have it plugged into a router which also has my NAS plugged in, and it has played everything I've needed it to such as 4k vids from my drone, Blu-Ray rips in H.265, old AVI's, etc.

    I've got a Tivo for my DVR needs, so that may change this suggestion for someone else without a DVR of any sort.