Suggestions for a dorm TV?


Aug 12, 2006
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a TV for the dorm next year, mostly for console gaming and movies (a 19" monitor just wasnt working out). I want to spend under $250, though I'm willing to spending up to $300. What size screens would i be able to get, and how would the quality be? Btw A headphone out jack is a huge plus as I want to hook up my logitech x540s.

I'm considering these as it seems to have everything i need for $230 with bing CB. I don't know about Sceptre's quality when it comes to TVs however, and this seems like a pretty new product. Does anyone have experience with Sceptre TVs? Or any other recs? Thanks in advance!


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Nov 16, 2004
Maybe PM kalrith; he has posted what seem like very informed comments about monitors and tvs:

I would like some help choosing a big (> 24"), non-TN panel for under $400. I know those are stiff requirements, and I've only found two screens that meet them: DoubleSight DS-265W for $370 AR and refurb Vizio VO32LF 32" 1080P TV for ~$400 on ebay occasionally (Amazon link in case the Vizio site doesn't work). The main two uses for the monitor are gaming and watching TV either online or streamed from HTPC (although most TV watching will be in the other room). It would be nice to connect my PS2 to it via component as well. I have a 20" 1600x1200 monitor that I'll run alongside this one, so I won't be hurting for real estate for office work with either choice.

I don't want this to be a discussion of 16:10 v. 16:9 or 1920x1200 v. 1920x1080. I will mention them in the pros and cons list below, but please don't make a recommendation based solely on which format is your personal preference. Anyways, here are the pros and cons for each model:

DS-265W Pros: IPS panel, height-adjustable stand, more vertical pixels, new.

DS-265W Cons: Poor quality control (see Newegg reviews) coupled with Newegg's crappy LCD return policy, no backlight control, no 1:1 pixel mapping (not a deal-breaker for me but still sucks).

VO32LF Pros: PVA panel, 16:9 for TV and PS2, 1:1 pixel mapping, 50% larger screen than DS-265W.

VO32LF Cons: Fewer vertical pixels, no height adjustment, refurbished w/ 90-day warranty, no 1600x1200 for older games (i.e. Warcraft 3), thick bezel.

I am certainly open to other recommendations, but my absolute budget limit is $400 (I really shouldn't spend more than $300). Please provide feedback for these two choices and any others that fit the requirements. If there isn't a big, non-TN panel for under $400 that's a good choice, then I'll either wait until prices come down or spend my money on a new stereo receiver.


Personally, Sceptre makes me a little nervous, but that is based on what I've read, not ever having owned a Sceptre monitor myself, so YMMV.


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Oct 20, 2000
Do you really need 1080p for a 24" TV? If you plan to have it double as a PC monitor, I can understand. I've seen a Sceptre TV in action and I would say that their picture quality is about the same as a Vizio.


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Oct 4, 2004
Sceptre quality is actually very nice. In the more recent years, they have stepped up. I use my 32 inch LCD (720p) as a TV and computer monitor. The picture quality is very good. I also own a Vizio (46 inch 1080p) and for the price I couldn't beat it. If you are on a budget, I would purchase the TV, if you have extra money you could always feel safer purchasing a brand-name such as Sony or Samsung.


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Jun 15, 2002
Dell had a this 24" LCD/TV on sale for $250 or so.


see slickdeals for coupon code (not sure if we're allowed to post them or not)

could double up as your PC monitor~