Question Suggested device to extend Wi-Fi but keep same SSID?

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Jan 5, 2002
Our ISP is BT Broadband and we use their BT Smart Hub (sometimes called the Home Hub 6), which was released in 2016.

The router (only just) struggles to reach every part of the home.

We had a similar issue at a different house seven years ago. We had signal in a specific room but it was very poor, so we got a device that extended the router's Wi-Fi signal. However, the device created a separate SSID and, since the connection to the router was very poor but not zero, we had to keep manually connecting to the new SSID when we were in this specific room as no phone would automatically switch, then connect back to the router's SSID when we left the room. It was very frustrating.

Is there a better solution, these days?

We can not replace the router.

We are hoping to buy a device that extends the signal (we don't need to extend it by much - so maybe a £50 upper limit?) but that (hopefully) retains the SSID so that phones do not stick to the barely-working signal.
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Apr 13, 2010
I don't know much about WiFi, but is there really a big difference between jumping from one SSID to another, and jumping from one AP to another (that have same SSID)? Isn't it the client that makes the decision in both cases? About all that the AP can do is to cut out weak signals (hoping that another AP is closer to the client).

That said I have APs placed where they can be heard. As many as is required for good coverage. Each AP is wired and gets power with PoE, so just one Cat6 to each AP. All configurable, but obviously clearly more than £50.


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Jun 12, 2019
Generally, a properly set up access point with the same access point will roam properly and seamlessly. But since most people don't have the time, patience, or knowledge to do this, there are these multi-hundred dollar mesh systems that will do essentially the same thing. You will need one that works in access point mode or you might have conflicts with your BT router.

King Mustard

Jan 5, 2002
most Wi-Fi range extenders should be capable of doing what you want. However, you're going to have to configure the SSID so it's the same as the main router, as this is normally not done automagically, but rather has to be done manually. I used to work for a router maker that copied the SSID of the router it was connected to in range extender mode
I wonder if that can be accomplished with the TP-Link AC750 (RE230)?


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Oct 25, 1999
Is there a "Thing that you can buy that automatically would do what you would like to do?

May be! but it would be very expensive!

What is the best solution? To lay an Ethernet cable from the main Router as close as possible to the WIFI Dead Area and install there an in expensive Wireless Router configured as an Access point (example)

Using Wireless Routers (or Modem/Wireless Router) as a Switch with an Access Point -

Very Rawley I ever encounter that a plug-in consumer Exetender does anything.

However the TP-Link AC750 has 74,000 4 stars reviews. So either it is Miracle or an elaborate ""scam"".

So.. it is your emotional call!