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Question Suggest a POE wireless AP to replace Linksys E3000 with DD-WRT


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Dec 28, 2013
Short: What POE wireless AP to replace Linksys E3000 with DD-WRT? 3-4 devices with 1-2 users at any given time. The wireless is less than spectacular; connection issues @ ~40' away.

I've been using my Linksys E3000 with DD-WRT for wireless and router duties. I am going to be replacing it with a PFSense machine. So I need to get the wireless squared away.

I'm currently using a Ubiquiti UniFi Switch(24 Port, 250W) to handle my POE duties. I am planning to get rid of it for a TPLink TL-SG3424P(24 Port, 320W) due to issues Ubiquiti and lack of customer service.

The house is 24'x 44' and two stories. I have no other houses nearby to interfere with wireless; closest is 150' to 200'.

Aside from Ubiquiti, does anyone have a recommendation?


Feb 29, 2008
I come from working in Cisco shops, and Ruckus is apparently similar to what Arruba used to be in the AP department. Check them out, I'm going with some N/AC units off of eBay for my home redesign.

I've been looking at Ubiquiti for years now, however now that I'm ready to jump I find out they turned into crap like Netgear did. Although this may not be true for their older AP's/routers.