sudden RAID problems


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May 19, 2000
I'm suddenly having some probs with my RAID setup. I've had this system since mid-September without any problems, until now. I have my two HDDs in a RAID 0 stripe, and in 3 separate occasions over the past few days, the stripe has suddenly "broken" during computer usage. What happens is either the computer will outright freeze or I'll get a BSOD saying that Windows cannot write to Drive C or something of that nature. I then reset, and at the HPT drive detection screen, it will only detect ONE of my HDDs and say "Broken Stripe." I would then proceed to power down the system and power it up again and the problem goes away.
What do you guys think? I haven't installed any new hardware or software lately, and I've been using the UZ103b1 BIOS for the past month almost without a hitch until just recently. I really don't think either HDD is going bad because out of the 3 or 4 times this has happened, either one or the other has failed to show up at the HPT init. screen. Any ideas?