Such thing as a table that is lower than 30"?


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Oct 28, 2001
I like to sit at the lowest possible possition in my chair because I think it is most comfortable that way however, it only increases the hight of the table top since I am sitting lower than was probably taken into consideration when the table was designed. I would like to find a table with a lower top than average, 27" would be great because that is the height of the cubibles (I measured them with a tape measure) at school and I like sitting at those tables because I can spread a book out on them and not have it 5" from my face thus making me stretch my eyes to focus on the page. The problem is however, there is just about zero tables I have ever seen that are under 30". Not only are there none that are less than 30", there are none that are more than 30" either. Yes, it seems that not only the average height is 30" it is also the height of every single table out there. Has anyone else run into this problem before and actually found a table that was less than 30" high or will I just have to break my habbit of sitting so low?