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Subwoofer connection w/2.0 speakers


Mar 22, 2013
Need your help on this one guys.. I was at Micro Center over the weekend and picked up a set Creative T10 for $30 open box buy. I'm actually shocked @ how good they sound. Excellent mids and highs. Anyway I got old powered subwoofer out in garage that I hooked up. I ran the sub to center/subwoofer input on my sound card. The sound card is a Creative SB Z. I ran T10's to left and right. The sub doesn't work for music. I can hear it in games and movies but something is off. Doesn't sound right. Probably be best if I ran speakers through sub and then into left/right input on sound card. Unfortunately the sub doesn't a 1/4 input for speakers. So what adapters am I going to have get to do this? Its your typical powered subwoofer. This is back of sub:

Will this work?
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