Sub-$250 "small" mobile device


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Jun 25, 2004
It's time for my wife to get a new phone. She currently has a (broken) Moto G6, and with a rugged case, it barely fits inside her wallet. She also cannot reach across the phone when using it with one hand. She has expressed strong interest in a smaller device as a replacement. Unfortunately, in our target budget range, most phones seem around the same size. Second priority is getting the best camera available in our budget range.

I have a Pixel 3 and find she frequently uses my phone when I leave it lying around, simply because it's a more usable size. It comes in at ~146mm x 68mm.

Size aside, the Moto G Power and G Fast (on sale for $180 and $150 respectively) look like very strong contenders. These are ~160mmx76mm.

A quick glance through the offerings from Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and a few others, suggests that their budget offerings almost exclusively have screens between 6.2" and 6.5". I'm struggling to find anything smaller with a modern SoC and decent camera in a sub-5.7" or <68mm width form factor.

And recommendations? Ideally the device would be <$200 for this weekend's sales.


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Apr 26, 2007
I'm guessing the iphone se 2020 is out of the question? It checks those boxes. Would also be helpful to know what carrier you use.
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