Stupid-ass employees.


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Jan 9, 2001
I've ordered tons of equipment recently from Musician's Friend. So, I get the first part, a piano mic, and lookie there, no cable! I call the company, explain to them that I was told before that it would come with the cable, they said "nope", I was pissed but what the heck, I footed the $10 bill to get the cable in the mail. In that same conversation, I ask the guy "can you check on the other parts of my order?" He says sure.

"Sir, the PA will ship tomorrow [this was December 5, so he was telling me that it would ship the 6th]. It should be there in a week or so. The telescope boom mic stand is back-ordered, but will definetly be there by christmas."

Today, I notice that I haven't received a confirmation email on either the stand or the PA, like I did with the mic and the mic cable. So, I call them up. Different sales rep this time. "yes, we have your order for the PA, it will ship tomorrow. The mic stand will be there in 4-6 weeks."

WTF? No no, people, I was told that the PA shipped a week ago, and that the mic stand would DEFINETLY be here by xmas (we specifically asked several times). She said they would ship the PA tomorrow, and I'm supposed to call to confirm this, but it looks like I'm just SOL with the mic stand. After hanging up, I realized I should have demanded free priority shipping. Too late now I guess.

Stupid motherfvkers. :| Sorry, I'm pretty pissed off right now.