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Student Urinates in Lunch Box in Class

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Feb 8, 2001
Originally posted by: TechBoyJK
Originally posted by: TheSpy007
kids are dumb as shit these days.
if I had to go, I went. I would ask politely first, "Can I go to the bathroom", ifno, I would wait a second, ask again, and if no, I would just walk to the bathroom. Did it a few times, and other than a verbal scolding, I never got in trouble.
yes, but you are not a kid now. They are pretty stupid...


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May 31, 2006
Originally posted by: Drift3r
Originally posted by: LTC8K6
If she didn't tell him to pee in the lunchbox, then why is she on paid leave?

How would he be able to go get her lunchbox, take it behind the book case, and pee in it without the teacher stopping him?

Did she not realize he was going to pee in it after what she told him?

Why didn't she stop him when he went for the lunch box?

Most likely because she did indeed say that to him, and he was just doing what she said he could do.
She is probably on paid leave because there is more then likely a lawsuit in the works and school officials always tread with caution. Just like a cop who shots a perp and is put on paid leave until the shooting incident has been fully investigated by internal affairs, etc...
It would be interesting to see how big the class is too. And whether they were pretty close to lunch.

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I don't know where to begin. On the one hand you have this teacher who is clearly not in control of her classroom (aware of what is going on). On the other hand, a 6th grader should know that peeing in a lunch box is a stupid thing to do. If I were 12+ and I was told to pee in a lunch box I would have simply ignored the instruction and laughed.

My guess is that the teacher was kidding, that she was not paying attention to her classroom, and that the kid knew he could be a "clown" by doing this.

No props to the clown, but no props to the teacher either.
Oct 30, 2004

At least it was her lunchbox that he got to pee in. Now she can clean up his mess.

What's amazing is that she was suspended without pay. If I did something like that at my job, something that brought national attention down on my employer in a negative way, I would be fire immediately without pay. It must be nice to be part of the teachers union.


Jul 5, 2000
Originally posted by: sirjonk
Ok everyone, now think back to 6th grade. It wasn't a concentration camp. The kid is likely one of the problem children who act like idiots, and when something they do gets out they blame the teacher. A teacher never told you you couldn't leave class to use the bathroom? Details we'll never hear.
Did you even read it. She has never had him for a student before.

And when i was in the 6th grade if you got out of your seat without permission you got in trouble.

But yea we should start teaching children that if you get a answer you don;t like then just ignore them and do what you feal like. :roll:
What got a bad grade its not your fault. Got a speeding ticket oh the cops hate you its not your fault. etc...