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Streaming from Windows to AirPlay device, recommendations?


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Feb 21, 2002
A little while ago I got a used/new to me Marantz SR6007 receiver because my old Harman Kardon AVR147 receiver started flaking out. The Marantz SR6007 supports AirPlay which initially I thought would be a gimmick. But it turned out to be very useful while hosting parties as people would stream their favorite pandora/spotify stations to our receiver right from their phones/laptops.

I'm firmly in the windows/android camp, so I'm looking for a windows program that will let me stream to my Marantz receiver from my Windows 2in1 tablet. So far I've done some googling and have been able to come with 2 solutions: AirParrot 2 from Squirrels and some 5K Player. The 5K player is free, but it looks to be an entire media player application that happens to support AirPlay sender/receiver functionality. It's more than I need, I do not want another player on my system, I do not want AirPlay receiver installed on my tablet, and there is a bit of negative feedback on the net saying it makes itself default player for everything and that you need a special app to uninstall it. All of that rings major alarm bells in my head. AirParrot2 looks to be more in line with what I need, very simple screen/audio casting app that can stream to AirPlay/ChromeCast. It's a $12.99 license for 1 PC, a bit pricey, but I'm willing to pay that if there are no better alternatives.

Has anyone faced the same problem of streaming from Windows PC to AirPlay device? If so how did you solve it? Any feedback on the AirParrot2 and 5KPlayer? Are there any other alternatives that I should explore? Thanks.