Strange thumb drive problem


Senior member
Oct 10, 1999
My friend got a fancy 1GB thumb drive that is uniquely partitioned such that there's a small CDFS partition with a program launcher on it (this partition is actually seen as a read-only CD drive) and a larger FAT partition as normal.

The problem is, here at work, we have a scanner that requires the use of a thumb drive to put the scans. This application prohibits it's proper functioning. I've tried completely formating the FAT partition, but the CDFS partition keeps installing it's launcher program on top of it. Everytime this USB drive is used, this launcher program starts up. Since it's seen as a CD drive, there's nothing I can do to remove this partition.

Anybody know of a way to combine the CDFS partition and FAT partition so it's just seen as a good-old-fashioned USB drive? We don't need this launcher program mucking up the works.