Strange Nomad Zen NX Story


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Jan 3, 2000
About a month ago, I powered up my 30 gig Zen to transfer some songs and it hung on the EAX screen. Powering it off wouldn't work, so I pushed the reset button. After that the unit wouldn't power up. CL tech support told me to hold down the power and reset buttons, and that should bring me to the recovery screen...but it still wouldn't power up. This is when I found out that the damn Zen only has a 90 day warranty (boy I wish I had read that when I bought it last November!). Anyway, I figure that it can't be more than 50 to repair, so I filed an RMA and sent it to them. They got back to me about 2 weeks ago to let me know that the battery was shot and the power regulation circuit was fried. To replace both they wanted to charge me an insane price of $156 (I could buy a new one for $180). I decide to cut my losses and order an iPod (which still hasn't shipped yet). Anyway...CL emailed me last week to ask if I wanted my dead player. I figured what the hell, I could gank out the HD and try to find another use for it. So the player comes in today, and for the hell of it I try to turn it on...and it boots up fine! My music was wiped, so I was wondering if I got a new player...but no, mine had a ding on the side and so does this one. I've charged up the battery and transfered all of my music back, and everything is working fine.

I've still got the iPod on order from Amazon, and it shouldn't ship for another few weeks. My question is this...should I keep the order and ditch the flakey Zen, or praise Creative Labs and stick it out with my broken/working Nomad Zen?